What is the 'Thomson' of carbon seatposts?

As the title suggests, what is the best durable carbon 27.2mm seatpost on the market. Or are ‘durable’ and ‘carbon’ sort of mutually exclusive?
And yes, I’m relying on this carbon seatpost to be strong and be good at soaking up vibrations.

Is my logic FAIL, of FTW? :roll:

Cheers, Horatio

I think Easton probably make the best carbon components. But I’d avoid the EC70 stlye, which has aluminium bonded (glued) to carbon. I’ve seen 2 of these separate on MTBs, although it would have been 5 years ago.

My 27.2 Specialized carbon post seems to flex a lot… more comfy on the road I suppose, but I don’t use a carbon post, for that exact reason, on the track. (I am 95kgs so not be as much of an issue for lightweights)

i think youre looking into it a bit much. Pro cyclists rock up more km’s and harder terrain than im guessing youll be able to put through it so as long as its not 25.4 tranz-x you should be right. easton, truvativ, fsa are all good products. cheers

Bad experience with tranz-x?

You’re right- I’m sure most of them are fine. I had a bad experience with a Felt branded carbon seatpost in the past.

just using tranz-x as example (they might be fine). Truvativ make a ncie one as i say and not too $$. cheers







try these

I don’t think carbon makes any difference. I just switched from a Thomson to a Look Carbopost and there’s no discernible difference in the ride quality.

Mr Thomson fan himself is using Look carbon seatpost?! What’s happened? :lol:


I’ve had the Look post for years on another bike. I just swapped them because the silver Thomson looked better on another frame.

I really struggle to see how a carbon post can make the ride any comfier - can anyone make a convincing argument? Blakey?

If you want a softer ride I think the best thing to do is reduce the tyre pressure and/or swap to bigger tyres. Although in your case, I probably wouldn’t suggest messing around with tyres at all :wink:

the type of carbon seatposts that flex and make things comfortable are not the type of seatposts that you want under your aggots

if you need comfort try a 24 tyre if it will fit, or a saddle/knick combo like a concor/nalini which pleases my arse and taint region more than any seatpost ever could

Keep your Thomson and get a new (more compliant) frame! :stuck_out_tongue:

You almost said ‘vertically compliant’ haha that word should be banned like ‘colour way’ :evil: