what kind of frame is this?

Hey all,
I am new to these forums, I thought it made sense to join a fixed gear forum so i can see what else is going on :slight_smile:

To my question, I am looking at getting a new frame, a vintage track frame to be exact. This is it here http://img1.classistatic.com/cps/kj/100318/602r1/0188g51_20.jpeg The current owner doesnt know what make it is or much else. Do any of you have any clue as to what make it might be or what era it might be from? I know that it has english style bb shell… not anything else tho.

this looks suspiciously like a frame i bought last week from this forum.

60’s Track - a set on Flickr

when was the ad posted coz i think it’s the same bike!!!


EDIT - not the same frame upon closer inspection. drop outs look different…
as you were…

Hey, nah its definitely not the exact same bike cause i saw it in person yesterday…

Yours looks a lot like this one tho! Do you know what make urs is? Any photos of it with wheels and all setup?

hey mate

nah i’m not sure what mine is either but they’re nearly identical!! are you in melbourne? we might have to coordinate when we are gonna be in the same area…haha :stuck_out_tongue:

build currently in progress, little while from completion though. thinkin lots of chrome and i’ve just got hold of some white/black b43’s. your plans?

can’t wait :slight_smile:


it used to look like this…

very very nice

yeah im in Melbourne. If i end up getting this frame, it will be to upgrade my current fixed gear :slight_smile:

just trying to justify the upgrade, as my current frame is an old roadie… nothing special.

can anyone point me in the right direction as to where i can go “bike shop wise” who might know what type of frame i have?

Very keen to try and find out what make my frame is… i think the lugs are just one of a kind… hoping they might make it easier to distinguish the make?

paging spirito…he’ll probably know, that guy knows everything!!

far from it :wink:

Dunno ??? :confused:

The good thing is it’s very distinct. The head lugs are of style I’ve never seen before so I wouldn’t know where to start sleuthing. The fork crown is vaguely familiar.

But, it’s gonna be easier to ID if you get a camera (not a phone) to take some better pics and shoot everything. Lugs, dropouts, braze-ons, bridges, note all and any numbers and post it all. There are many thousands of frame builders and sometimes the nuances or subtleties are not obvious or easy to see.

Then there’s other factors … where did you buy it? Local or from another state? Overseas? Follow that trail if there is one. Did it have any parts or any items fitted to help assess the period of the frame (if they appear original).

Sometimes id’ing frames is easy, some take a long haul and some you never end up finding out.
I’d try local first. There’s lots of info out there but you might have to start arming yourself with a bit of knowledge, asking around and spending a bit of time. It’s part of the journey

thanks a lot for your help/guidance… im going to take it down to Hillman Cycles today to see if they might have any idea. I will take some proper photos of some details of the frame this arvo to post up.
Off to the library (google) for me it looks :slight_smile:

i went to Hillman Cycles on Friday and he wasnt sure what the make might be… but he was sure its from the 60s… from the lugs he assumes it could be a Hartley… anyone care to assume whether it is or isnt a Hartley? this is proving to be almost impossible to find out… cant find any good history on Hartleys anywhere