What Melbourne needs

Oh shit yes!

Magnus knows what he likes!

i reckon he was misquoted. he actually said “more magnus”

Charlie agrees


in about 2 minutes, three four year olds have come up with the best ideas for Melbourne in the past 25 years.


more magnets holy jesus effing christ why isnt magnus the lord mayor?

I wonder if Magnus is Dick Wicks’ son? He’s probably pissed off his dad had to shut the store in Coburg.

Anyone who names their child Magnus needs a kickin

What if their surname was Magnusson?

Then they are bound for success in a variety of fields (Magnus Magnusson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Problem with the name Magnus?

Dunno if Abdujabar thought this through. Swimming with sharks?

HOLY SHIT! Magnus is the kid of a guy at my work.

Herald Sun?

Please tell us his last name is Magnusson…or something close to as awesome.

SO GOOD! You need to give the father a pat on the back… way to get the kids priorities right.