What music you into?

What strikes your fancy at the moment?
Looking forward to any gigs in the future?
Weird obsession with Abba?

Haven’t noticed any posts regarding our individual tastes in music…so what are you into atm?

that indie stuff. hnar.
i’m looking forward to Clockcleaner…

I love everything pretty much except ABBA! But my music of choice is metal…

Disturbed, Him, Karnivool, Lamb of God, Slipknot, etc

Also love True Live!

I am also off to Meredith this year for the 5th year in a row!!! Looking forward to that as always!!

Boz Scaggs, Ramones, Tindersticks, Nina Simone

(There’s no accounting for taste)

Metal \m/

Only 4 and a bit days til Carcass @ Billboard \m/

black sabbath - first 4 albums

Shit i nearly forgot about Carcass!
Also, GORILLA BISCUITS at the Arthouse on Dec 11. Oh my…
And then the Trial/Unbroken/Undertow/Swing Kids reunion in Chicago next April(if the weeeaaaak aussie dollar doesnt kill my dreams).

Swing Kids reunion?!?!?! Holy Shit!

I must admit, the bass players later band, Sweep The Leg Johnny are pretty awesome.

As for my most listened to stuff…

90 Day Men
Shellac (I’m seeing them on the 1st of November…!)
The Jesus Lizard
The Austerity Program
Sleeping People
Ten Grand
Sonic Youth
The Fucking Champs
June of 44

Armish Folk

NJS (not the Japanese type)

Faaark, they’re still going? I saw them at Wall Street (?) in, like, 93? 94? One of the first metal gigs I went to. Rock!

Right now i’m listening to Lee Hazlewood.

I like “Theme Time Radio Hour”

I also like riding Bicycles

They stopped in 96…then got back together late last year to play Wacken this year, then they just went batshit and decided to do a big tour.

there’s only really 2 types of music. good and bad.

if i opened a record shop that’s how the categorisation would work.


the real gig season is over, but i went to the kooks, which was sick,
how bout the festivals to come?
anyone been to Falls before, or going?


there’s only really 2 types of music. good and bad.

if i opened a record shop that’s how the categorisation would work.

Its funny how bands genre’ise themselves… “melodic midwest progressive rock”. Imagine if you actually did categorise every band like that in a recordstore.

Pretty much anything with a breakbeat. Except if it’s shit.

[i]“Do the Amish play any form of musical instrument?”

“No. Musical instruments are forbidden by the Amish community. Playing an instrument would be “worldly.” It is contrary to the spirit of “Glassenheit” (humility), and would stir up the emotions of those who are involved.” [/i]

But their traditional cake recipes are EXCELLENT!!.