What not to do with your fixie


The back cog is not the best place to put your finger when cleaning your fixie… and thats what it looks like after plastic surgery and six weeks worth of “recovery”

Ouch! This yours? Lucky you didn’t lose it.

I like to relax into cleaning my bikes – a longneck of coopers, some good tunes and a chilled out afternoon. A couple of times I’ve relaxed maybe too much and nicked a finger. But man, nothing like this …

Ouch, that’s nasty!

I’ve had one incident with a disc rotor at work, which was luckily fairly low speed. It sliced fairly deep into my fingernail and was not fun at all!

that is messed up. nice clear picture though. good work with the camera.

yep thats my finger, or whats left of it… so much hassle really, quite an inconvenience just for a finger.

fucking hell! before i got onto this site i read a lot of sheldon brown and i remember he harps the safety point quite a lot, this is a good reminder of what can happen, ouch! wishing your finger a speedy recovey dude

that really turns me off putting my fingers down there anymore, im going to use cotton buds now. Thanks Melbourne-Masi !!!

only a true master can go down on a fixie

this is nothing stupid compared to the legions of guys who decide that the easiest way to clean a motorcycle chain is with it on the centrestand with the engine running.

Almost deserved due the fact they ride motorcycles.

but not quite.


I’d rather ride a motorcycle than a Masi.

oh oh oh… the claws ARE out (;

Don’t mess with us!

More fingers severed in the drive train.

This forum needs a spoiler tag.

i nearly thought i had hit ogrish.com

I saw something like this on facebook the other week…

yeah I’ve take the top of the index finger off, it was an accident that wasn’t even cycling related, but my plastic surgery looks almost identical to MM’s, hows the feeling in the tip?

yea there’s nerve damage so can’t feel much with the tip.

it should return over time, but unfortunately it will never be normal feeling again. But lucky you kept it.