What pedals do you guys use?


I’ve almost finished my damn Cecil Walker project that I’ve been working on for too long, and I’ve started to think about the whole pedals issue. What do most single speed/fixie riders use- MTB clips or road clips? I currently use the standard MTB clips, but they just don’t seem secure enough. I also ride at the DISC and MTB pedals are really crap on the track…I was hoping road clips might resolve this?
Any suggestions would be most kind :smiley:

Cheers, Horatio

SPD’s here on all bikes.

time MTB pedals are awesome.
spd have the hinged section at the back. that means that the sec tion your foot pulls against is the moving bit.
with time ones the sprung section is at the front which means that you pull against the fixed section.
almost impossible to pull out of, and much tougher than crank brothers.
great pedals.

Eggbeaters on the fix.

Shin-shredding flats on the 24".

One pair of eggbeaters shared between two bikes. Get the SLs if you can. Stay away from the models that incorporate a platform like the Candys or the Smartys. Recent experience (not mine) has suggested that the springs and the cleat retension bars are compromised to make room for the platform.


The SL Candys are fine (in my experience). I think the Chrome Candys may be crap.

Suntour Sprints with Clips, Cages and Straps.

I promise, you won’t pull your foot out if you strap in tightly!!

Thanks for all the replies guys.
It seems there are many ways to tie your feet to the cranks…
Most of you use some kind of MTB pedals- why is that? Are they more durable/easier to get out of than road pedals?
Ta, Horatio

I had SL Candies, new last year and they were nowhere near as well made as the SL eggbeaters.

I’m currently liking the time atacs on the fix and speedplay X on the road/track bikes - you won’t pull out of them in a hurry :slight_smile:

Nah but they are easier to walk in - which is good for commuting, cafe riding and general posing around town.

You got jibbed. I’m certain your broken ones are chrome, not SL.

To answer your original question, SPDs/Eggbeaters are good for general riding but road pedals or clips and straps will be better on the track.

Next cafe you’re at, try watching some roadies walking around with their big, dinner plate, sized cleats… always good for a laugh!

Chrome Candy’s here - 18 months and still going strong.

No, they are SL. Check the specs.

Only bec the shoes are easier and more comfortable to walk around in. If you commute alot, MTB style shoes and pedals are the way to go. If you want absolute comfort and don’t mind sacrificing cycling efficiency, get some normal walking shoes and flat pedals.


This question seems to come up at least once a month.

Just a thought

When a member signs up, could there be a field they fill in or select from about pedal type. This in turn could be displayed somewhere?

Ha- sorry I did a search on the fixed forums but didn’t find much…

You guys have been a great fountain of knowledge- thankyou!

SPD-SL :wink:


MTB pedals all the way for commuting. Best ones are looks for not slipping or pulling out of, or egg beaters

Road pedals for the track. See you there tonight