what rake do i want to run with my new fork

so heres the deal

my merckx was crashed, frame has been given the ok, but fork is fucked
original fork, as far as i can find out, was 43mm rake
the replacment fork im looking at getting on it comes in 40 or 45 (Bicycle Parts • Wound Up Road Forks - 1 inch • AVT - Aspire VeloTech - Chris King World’s Largest Dealer)
which should i go for?
how will it effect the handling?

also as im running an ahead stem with an adaptor in a threaded fork at the moment im going to go threadlesswith the new fork, head seat conversion is all sorted what i want to know is, will it be cool to run a shim on a carbon steerer or should i just go alu steerer?

thanks in advance for all the help and the critisisum you guys are going to lay on me for wanting a carbon fork on a rad steel frame

also taking suggestions and help on trying to find other rad 1" carbon forks

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Wound Up don’t list carbon steerer forks in 1" any more, I didn’t think you could still get them. (And the steel steerer version isn’t particularly light, an all steel fork wouldn’t be that much heavier and would look better.)

Shim’s are fine.

Reynolds, Easton & Alpha Q and plenty of others made 1 " full carbon forks, not any more.

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Oh, and horatio has already gone down this path:
Weight Weenies • View topic - 1 inch carbon fork recommendations for steel frame


Q: What is rake and how does it affect handling?
A: Rake is the offset of the fork dropouts from the axis of the steerer tube. Rake should be matched within 2mm of the OEM fork to maintain the same ride characteristics. More rake will result in quicker steering response. Less rake will result in more stability. To find the rake of your OEM fork, check with the Manufacturer of the frame.

get colossi/gellie to make you a steel fork with 43mm rake

I’d be checking ebay for a nice EC90 1" full carbon fork. They come up quite regularly. I think Ritchey still make their lowish grade ‘Comp’ grade carbon + alloy steerer in 1".


Buy a nice replacement Columbus steel fork?

Benzy has one of these in his Pogliaghi, nice fork, said he had a prick of a time finding it though.

Was about to mention Benzy’s Pog!

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Good luck getting a 2010 straight blade EC90 1 inch, wound up would be the best option.

forget that just go to abbotsford and get a steel one gene. or wait for a ebay one to pop up.

you should read this:

have made an offer on an aero version ec90 on the bay right now, if i dont get that i’ll keep looking for a bit

Columbus Minimal fork, 45mm rake, brand new, alu steerer, free freight.

Carbon Forks

Getting a custom steel fork made would be more expensive but a better option.

Obviously 2mm is a small difference in fork rake, but I think it could be noticeable when all other factors are kept the same. Would be a shame to mess up the handling of your Merckx, especially when they’re known for great handling.

This website is handy for working out rake and trail: Bicycle Steering Geometry

Assuming a 73° head tube, and a 23mm tyre (680mm OD), you get the following rake/trail figures:

45mm rake = 57mm trail (steering “slightly twitchy”)

43mm rake = 59mm trail (handling “just right” according to some framebuilders)

40mm rake = 62mm trail (steering on the “slow” side, e.g. more stable when riding no-hands)

any body bought anything from here before??
Reparto Corse

looking at this fork
Mizuno Fiandre Carbon Fork (Components / Forks / Mizuno Forks)
its high end enough it will do the merckx justice, also brand new and not off the bay, and is actually not to badly priced compared to alot of other forks on the market

Here’s one:

175mm steerer, not sure about the rake though.


175mm of steerer tell him his dreaming!!! I have a 230mm of fear tube!