What rear cog?


Been riding my new fixed build up. Currently ride 46/16t 170mm crank for my communte to work. What is a good rear cog size to use with my current 46 and 170mm crank arms to practice a few tricks? I don’t want to change cranks as they are Pauls and look a bit flash.

cheers for any advice :mrgreen:

i guess generally for tricks, the lower your gearing the better as you will have most control over the rear wheel. for a 46t front, maybe give a 20t cog a shot.


try this, more skid patches the easier to skid. Hope this helps.

what does number of skid patches have to do with ease of skidding?

You don’t wear through your tyre as fast - it’s hard to control skids on a tube.

I ran 46-19 for a while and it was great for popping monos etc, as well as increasing skid patches.

But I now run 50-19 and can do exactly the same things on my bike, so gearing isnt really going to magically make your keo spins amazing.

Well i’ve changed and swapped my chainrings and cogs, and i’ve found that the more skid patches you have the easier it is to skid quick, and at high speed.

number of skid patches got nothing to do with it (assuming equivalent ratios).

can you change the front ring?

massive cogs on the back look fair retarded

Is it just the smaller gearing then? Could you elaborate a little?


fashion over function? goes either way I guess.

A big cog > a small chainring.

Yeah, I agree.

yep just smaller gearing, that’s the important factor, and allows you to put more torque to the ground (though you will have less top end speed).

all the number of skid patches tells you is the number of different positions your back wheel can be in whenever your cranks are in a certain position. and therefore the number of skid patches on your tyre, assuming you always skid with your cranks in the same position. its determined by your gear ratio:

Yes you can change the chainring.
I agree with Heavymetal though: big cog better than small chainring. Big cog and chainring has a longer life also.

To the OP: try a 19t, they don’t look retarded. If you still want lower gearing then change the ring.

As i mentioned…i am ridindin a 46 tooth Paul front crank http://jonnycycles.blogspot.com/2007/01/modified-paul-cranks.html

in black (have a mate that deals with the…lucky me) so would you suggest a 19t ot he rear? I ride MTB and road bikes (sorry bout that!) and can do okay wheelies etc on the MTB. Do u think this will be ok for doing some fun stuff on my fixie?

mechanics fail

Good for you, but the number of skid patches has nothing to do with your ability to skid. The ratio does.