What rear Shimano mtb hub wins the price performance ratio?

Okay, so for general mtb & commuting purposes, out of the following, what would you choose and why?
I will be building it up with rim brakes, but I guess it’s good to get Centerlock for a bit of futureproofing.
Does SLX win the bang for buck contest?

Deore FH-M615

Pros- Reliable steel axle and large bearings, Cheapest, functionally 99% same to SLX??**
Cons- Not that much cheaper than SLX


Pros- Reliable steel axle and large bearings. Presumably more polished races compared to Deore??**
Cons- Heavy, is it actually different to Deore, is the freehub the same?**

XT FH-M785

Pros- Lightest with alloy axle, freehub has quicker engagement
Cons- Alloy axle means small bearings, therefore shorter life??**/ Unproven design

Blakey/DaFrog clarity required

for commuting: Deore.
for general mtb: SLX
for value: performance mtb: XT

i’d suggest the SLX on the basis that it’s the only one with the QR in right way round ;p

looking at the part numbers for the LX and SLX the axle is the same, the bearing races are different and so is the freehub body.
hovever: http://www.sjscycles.co.uk/shimano-deore-fh-m615-centre-lock-disc-rear-cassette-hub-prod32238/?geoc=us
says boron nitride treated races even on the M615 so toss a coin.

also fukka aluminium axle* (i weigh ~95kg)

*where said axle is intended to fit where a 10mm steel axle was previously used anyway

Cheers guys, perhaps deore is the one

SLX definitely.

Don’t ever go Deore - the cup and cone rattle themselves loose constantly - they suck.

Just about to build a set of general riding wheels with S500 dynamo & FH-M665.
Picked SLX coz not much more expensive than Deore & wanted centrelock for matchy matchy to Alfine.

Hoping xt is okay: I have one waiting to be built up. Will only be for road and light off-road duties tho, no all-road-mountain-enduro.

I wouldn’t use Deore for off-road because of what Dice said, but for road riding/commuting duties they are fine. Jono - XT hubs are great, my friend is still running his 1991 XT hubs, inbike that has pretty much been used daily for over 20 years, with only semi regular servicing (ie only service when hubs start to “feel” rough).

CRC have XT non-disc hubs going pretty cheap at the moment.

the XT aluminium axle is actually bigger than 10mm it just steps down at the ends cos of the dropouts.
My aversion is partly due to the material itself (it’s softer, weaker and less stiff than steel) which can cause problems when you are dimensionally constrained, although this is only at the drop outs in this case. to make Aluminium work for an axle it needs to be bigger, unfortunately given the standard freehub limits outside diameter you start running out of room to put things like bearings and freehub pawls.
Also i can imagine the Al axle being more susceptible to hamfisted mechanicing (and mechanicing may be required to service/adjust loose balls)

old XT hubs used to made in Japan and run forever. Newer XT hubs are made in Malaysia or Indonesia and are not as good in my opinion. As has been said, commuter Deore, any type of MYBing SLX, performance XT.

Thanks guys, SLX it is i think.
Ive heard some bad things about the alloy axle XT hubs and freehub so ill stay away

I’ve got a pair of new 32h M765 hubs I bought a couple of years ago but won’t use. If you want them feel free to make an offer.