What resto? Mid era Cinelli .. freshly built, original paint.

1stly, this isn’t my ride. When W showed me the frame I “ooaahhed” and offered to build it up for him. It wears it’s scars with pride and to my mind is one of the most beautiful frames I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in person. Lot’s of scratches, chips, faded paint, spotting on the chrome … perfect. I appreciated that W wished to keep it as is and use the parts he had. Simpatico :wink:

It dates from the early 80’s and sports the modern Columbo/Columbus era decals when they took ownership but it otherwise remains in essence very similar to Cinelli’s dating from the early 60’s. Even down to the 64mm wide BB shell which proved a tricky one to source BB parts for and set-up. NOS 1950’s era 3 piece Campagnolo track hubs thrown in just to spice things up. 32/40 hole meant hand polising the front Velocity razor to match the older era Sun rear 40h rim.

Posting the pics here just to show that it doesn’t have to be perfect, nor all matching dates and era’s … so long as it looks and works like it should. Open to some interpretation, use what you got and mix it up a little. Benotto plastic bartape, melted at the tops to finish … just like back in the day, is finished with new issue Cinelli plugs. The Concor was already there, as were the Il Primo bars and Cinelli #14 bar. Grand Bois 23c tyres courtesy of Commuter Cycles (thanks !!!) ensure it looks and rides just like it should. Thank you Mr. Izumi for the plain but strong chain. ALE straps that I’d forgotten I had and Phil Wood gooey stuff.

Of course I was aided by Medo (mostly sleeping). Some may prefer NOS or repainted but I much admire the imperfections and patina. Original is only once and needn’t be erased for the frameset to be used and enjoyed.

ahhhh. Good one cycle *ucket.

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well at least it sounds like bike pron!

So much blank screen:( I need something to get me through these last few renders.

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Ohai biek! Looking gewd!

Def needs a Cinelli stem though.

Also, why do people even use Cyclebucket? It pretty well sucks. I just use links off my own photobucket/flickr. No problems.

The owner would like a Cinelli stem but they’re a little think on the ground and exxy in such short sizes. The Il Primo is pretty cool, not as nice but looks fine I think.

I’m not sure whether I want to post my pics to flickr/bucket et al. I could but I haven’t found a pic hosting system I like and would rather use cyclebucket till I do.

Fair 'nuff. It’s just that I only see about 80-90% of the photos on this site, the others appear as errors. But others can see them. It’s some weird cyclebucket thing. There’s a few people in this thread that can’t see your photos but I had no problem. Just annoys me as a reader.

Yeah, the Il Primo stems are pretty cool. All the British stems of that era are pretty nice looking, imo. I might have a new logo 1A in about 80mm size if interested but I’m guessing he likes the older, steel stems.

Bike looks ace!

I can see these cycle bucket images but can’t in the Polly thread!!!

im only seeing red x’s =(

Blank spaces in Opera.
Red X’s in IE.

Yep, cycle bucket is fucked!
Thats a nice red X with a 404 error you’ve built Spirito.

That’s nice for you, but kinda makes it pointless for the large number who can’t see it.

No problem seeing the pics this morning.

Beautiful bike. Nice work!

** My only bugbear is the stem, but that’s a minor criticism in the scheme of things. :slight_smile:

I love it,
I would say those early pista hubs are the sexiest ever made.
Stems are getting hard to get i just swaped a 110 milano with Gypsy,
I have a 110 2a badged and a 70mm badged with matching bars and i will be keeping them for future builds.
As far as the paint goes i love it re-paints are only for trashed non original paint.
Surfboard collectors are now going for original boards no resto’s even if it’s ugly they just clear it.