What rims??

What rims??
I just grabbed a set of old wheels (Suntour Superbe hubs laced with Hoshi 175mm bladed spokes to a Super Champion and a GP4 tubular rim).
My plan is to pull them all apart and polish the spokes and hubs (halfway through this already) before getting them re-laced to some clincher rims.
Ridgways has suggested that I use Velocity Razer rims as they have a similar profile and ERD as the rims that they currently have but I am wondering what other options I have.

Any wheel officianado’s who might like to point me in the right direction??
Open Pro’s??
I am being offered the Razers for $150 for the pair all laced back up and ready to ride on top of the $200 I paid for the spokes and hubs if that helps. I want to try to keep the cost to this budget.

that’s a good price.
open pro or cpx rims are excellent as well.
but open pro’s cost a lot more.
at that price you would be hard pressed to do better really.
if you like the profile of the aeroheads, then go ahead.
personally i prefer cpx mavics. a little lighter, just as strong, rated to 140psi, and a nice smooth profile, but would cost a little more probably.
so, yeah…
no help at all really

“superbe pro” and “budget” should never appear in the same sentence together :mrgreen:

They are “ONLY” Superbe’s and not Superbe Pro’s so that is why they can be budget.

Do you ever really use the 140psi though??
I never inflate my tyres higher than 100psi as I think the ride feels a little less harsh with lower pressure.

I have a pair of Suntour Superbe hubs laced 3x to Velocity Aeros. I can send you some pics if you want.

Razors do it for me

If you can’t/don’t/won’t build your own wheels, you absolutely will not be able to do better than $150, so there’s no point even asking the question. I’d say go for it.

Never mind about rims Brad, where’s that funny bike? I demand pics at least!

Cheers all for your input.
Will get the Razor’s ordered today.
Hubs are polished as are half the spokes.
Cannot wait to get them built.

[quote="snowflake "]

Never mind about rims Brad, where’s that funny bike? I demand pics at least!
[/quote]Haha. Shall do. Just gotta fix it up a bit…

Don’t use huge tensions on your new wheels. Z-bend Hoshi spokes tend to worm their way through the hub under high spoke tension.

velocity deep v

Have anyone heard of Mavic CD4??? Did some research for it but couldnt find much information.

yeah, cd4 is the mavic open cd4… predecessor to open pro? maybe late 80s/early 90s? blue and yellow stickers? i think they are whats on kristen klein. anodised grey things. they seem good enough.

Yep blue/yellow decal and grey andoized !! so they r open pro aye??
I heard alot about them…they r tough as nails and light? true?

Yeah, unfortunately the ERD is way to narrow for them.

Is the ERD only a concern if you already have spokes you want to use? I’ve never come across the term untill I read this thread so I hit Sheldon’s site and tried to make sense of it.

My assumption is that you just need to match spoke length depending on how high the flanges of your hubs are and how deep your rims are. Yes/No/Huh?

I was looking at the Velocity Fusions as they claim to be halfway between Deep V’s and Aeroheads…strength [I ain’t light] and lighter weight.


ERD is the diameter of the where the spoke holes are, moreorless

As I want to re-use the Hoshi bladed spokes, I am limited as to what rims I can use.
Any other time I could just choose my rims and then choose spokes to suit.

Hopefully these wheels will be ready this week.
Seeing as though Paul at Ridgways is basically building these for me for free, I am obviously not a priority for him. :oops: