What should i pay for a KE Funnybike?

Found a Kenevans funnybike in someones garage. 853 tubing, geared TT setup, repainted some time in the past. Second owner so he has no idea of its history but it’s in immaculate condition - no idea when it was last ridden - long time ago I’m guessing. I’ll most likely convert it to fixed, as I have no other use for it.

Just wondering what something like this is going for and what i should offer for frame only? (Don’t want to rip him off, he’s the LBS guy)



Sounds about right to me. Thanks.

I’d agree with that too.

If it’s a 56cm I’ll pay $300 for it.

i paid $300 for a KE track funny bike. i reckon it’s a fair price.

Sorry, it’s my size (54cm), i was sooooo disappoionted when I measured it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get some photos! And keep it geared for something completely different.

Yep, had a look at it on the weekend and it has vertical drops so no fixie conversion. Unsure what to do with it, i don’t need a TT bike and already have two roadies, any ideas???

A nice town bike maybe?? Or is that blasphemous??

Haha I just really like TT bikes! I have way more bikes than I need, and it doesnt seem to stop me getting another one everynow and then :evil:

Could you send me some pics - I would be interested in it. I have an Eric Hendren 531 Competition frame with track ends, maybe we could work out a deal?

If you guys don’t work something out I have a Ken TT frame around 54cm that I’d be prepared to trade/sell, though my paint has seen better days. Reynolds 753. From Spud. It just doens’t look like I’m going to get around to building it up.

Come on guys - Who wants to sell/swap me a frame?