What size frame do you ride and what's your height?

175cm and ride a 54 tt 60 st pursuit frame. I must have long legs, because it is light years more comfortable than my old 55sq.

I do think colour is the most important aspect when buying a bike and should override all other considerations.

Sorry that was some bad sarcasm on my part of some bad bike shop mentality.

60st/57tt road with 100mm stem
61st/57tt road with 100mm stem
59st/60ett road with 100mm stem
XL KHS with 120mm stem (seems about 60/58, never measured it)

I had a 58st/56tt that felt way too short both ways.

bike fit via Dom: 55.5 TT, 56ST w/100mm stem

a lot of people tend to like smaller bikes as they feel easier to ride (esp BMX’ers/MTBers), but then when put on a properly fitted road bike realise that there is more power available for them. when i first set my bike up with dom’s setback numbers i was scared, but then realised it was really good (and no he didn’t put me in a ‘kennedy position’) especially when climbing.

Emma @ TopBikeFit down here in melbourne also gets a good wrap from people I will listen to.

for those who have osteo cover in their health insurance Dom is a registered osteo and you might find yourself covered as a result.

Not really, you’re comment is valid and I see so many people who are uncomfortable and riding bikes that are sized wrong for their age/body type/ability etc

Man check out this link! Fit Calculator - Competitive Cyclist
I did a rough job of it and found my bike is perfect for me, I guess you can take it as serious as you like. I agree with spirito - color is the most important thing. hahahaha

static bike fits- ie those done with you on your trainer are a good start, but they are still open to adjustments, once you get out on the road for a while your technique and posture changes, as you fatigue etc.

Been around every fit fad since time began to know that bike fit is not an exact science and never will be.

To fit a bike there are a few very basic starting points I DID SAY STARTING POINTS!!!

  • have your cleats centred on the ball of your foot.
    -have your saddle height so that your shortest leg does is slightly bent at the knee when pedalling
  • have your saddle adjustment so when the cranks are parallel to the ground your lower leg is at 90 degrees to the crank.
  • have your bars so that in a comfortable position you do not need to crank your neck to see in front of you.
  • go for a ride as above- if something feels odd then adjust it but only a little
  • get someone to watch you ride, take a video of you - look if you are riding smoothly, adjust to suit.

Then go to get fine tuned by a bike fit - repeat above procedure from penultimate step.

173cm - 54cm Sq with 100mm Stem, and seatpost with 20mm approx setback .

171cm - 53cm Sq usually but feels a bit big, going to try out a 51cm with a long top tube / 110mm stem and see how it goes.

I have a fused disc so have to have a slightly more upright position.


56 st 57tt with 90 mm stem for long rides
56 square traditional with 100 mm stem for short rides

57 square 80 stem
58 square 80 stem
58 st 61 tt and 40 stem