What size spokes?

Afternoon all!

I’m building my back wheel. Does anyone know what size spokes I need to get for a B43 rim, please?

its not that simple…

Do a search on the forum,

or take your rim AND hub to your local bike store, they should have a spoke length calculator program

If that’s as much effort as you can be bothered making just to work out spoke lengths, you should probably get somebody to build it for you.

  1. Google for spoke length calculator, choose one, read instructions
  2. Measure or look up hub dimensions
  3. Measure or look up rim ERD
  4. Choose lacing pattern
  5. Calculate spoke lengths

From what i’ve heard, the spoke length calculators spit out different answers using the same specs being put in?? The rim your using is fairly standard but at least take in the hub to your LBS and see if they can help, at least confirm, lengths when you purchase them. Should they be the wrong length at least its easy to exchange, as opposed to online.

Yeah, cheers snowflake. I’m going to be ‘bothered’ to do it myself. I just needed a place to start. I’ve googled and asked around but hadn’t had much luck.

Appreciate the info, but not for the condescending tone.

Well seeing as you didn’t even bother to post what hub you were using, only a clairvoyant could help you.

If you’ve searched and asked around you can’t have been trying very hard. Who did you ask, yak herders?


Result 1 will tell you what to measure and how to build a wheel plus links to calc spoke length, Results 2-10 go straight to length calculators.

ERD = 552 / 555mm. Velocity lists both. 552 is more common search result.

Plug that into spocalc along with your hub dimensions & lacing pattern and you’re good to go.

Ok, so obviously I’ve never built a wheel before and didn’t know there was so much to it. So shoot me. Fuck me dead if didn’t post in the ‘help’ section. I didn’t expect to cop so much shit just for asking a simple question. Thanks.

Chill out. Most of the time this entire forum revolves around hanging shit on people.

You didn’t provide enough info for us to give you the answer, we’ve pointed you in the right direction multiple times. Perhaps you should be the one to drop the tone?

Judging by your lack of understanding I’d reconsider building this wheel yourself at this point in time. Do you have a spoke wrench & truing stand?

There’s a good thread on wheelbuilding here:

Read that, plus Sheldon’s page, then you’ll be on your way to building a wheel.

Granted, I may not have provided enough information given evident lack of knowledge did it warrant such a response?

The information you all gave was actually very helpful and I’m really grateful for it but, as you can read, I had asked for the tone to be dropped on my second post.

I know people hang shit on each other on here all the time but perhaps it’s a bit unhelpful when someone’s asking for help?

All that aside, I really do appreciate the assistance.

I have a spoke wrench and access to a truing stand so I think I’ll give it a go. I want to learn how to build a wheel and prefer to learn by doing, so perhaps I’ll build it and then take it to the shop to get checked before I run with it.

How many spokes is it, and what hub are you using?

Just finished my first try … what do ya reckon?