What size tires will my frame take?

I hope that this isn’t a really stupid question but I want to build up a new Townie.
I have a track frame and I’m building up some nice wooden rims.

It’ll be fixed but I’ll run a rear brake because the frame is drilled.
I’d like as big tires as I can get on it.
Is there a way to know how big I can go without trialing different sizes?
Can I just measure the distance from rim to fork etc?
I want to buy some of these
Compass Bicycles - Tires

First off, Commuter Cycles and Cheeky Monkey stock Grand Bois tyres. I’ve found that they often (depending on the rim too) measure larger than stated, eg, my 26mm measure 28mm on Aeroheads.

Secondly, you’ll need to trial them, as brake arm size, wheel position in dropout, rim width etc will all affect the final OD of the wheel&tyre.

Given that it’s a track frame, you may be able to run the wheel back a bit and gain some clearance, but the front will probably still be tight.

these are the rims
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