What sort of frame is this? + Lug question.

Scored this off Freecycle today. Just wondered if this type of frame is for a particular kind of riding? Its 531 tubing, straight forks, tight rear end with recess in seat tube for wheel. Also has a longer seat tube that extends above the top tube. I haven’t counted the teeth but the gearing also looks to go pretty low.

One other thing is this crack in the paint? at the lug. Is it likely to just be in the paint and therefore no problem? I took the seat post out and the seat tube looks like it is one piece that goes directly through the lug, I cannot see a crack from the inside.

At this moment in time I’m thinking of making it a commuter with rizorz.

Firstly, that’s an amazing pick up for zip, well done!

Secondly, give Frank Conceicao a call at Albion Cycles.

Thirdly, that crack in the paint looks suspicious to me, if I were you I would get it checked out.

Fourthly…there is no fourthly.

+1, might be a reason why it was free. Still a great pick up for the rest of the parts!

The guy said it was up for grabs because the bb is knocking. Will get it checked out, not sure where though.

That’s the type of crack that ends with a seat stay through your scrotum/labia majora. Just sayin’.

You wanna buy a Cannondale frame?

Certainly a bit close to the gooch for comfort, that crack.

my crack is close to my gooch

Just scraped the paint off, can’t decide if it’s a crack or a deep scratch. Has the same thing going on the other side of the lug but not as bad, so I think it might be screwed. Will be stripping for groupset shortly!

Looks like it’s had a seat tube junction repair in the past based on the extension. Could be a re-failure of the initial problem.

  • Joel

Deep scratch? Dude I think you’re clutching at straws with that shit!
Seriously, $100, Cannondale.

if its on both sides it’s not a “deep scratch”. unfortunately it’s very very wishful thinking.

So I grabbed this frame and did some investigation with the dremel and wire wheelzz…

Outcome is no cracks in lug… Even under load… Which Is good

Bad thing is looks like there it a crack in the top tube where the front internal cable boss is…

I will get some up tomorrow

Might build it up into a ghetto fixed CX rig till it dies…

Cheers again Chris

Hang on…what?

Get up ah, get on up
Stay on the scene
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Like a sex machine
Cmon get on derp

Baha pictures I meant

Here is the crack

Ah that sucks. Was his super slick cable routing detail not so clever after all?

After having a look at the pics of the Seat tube/top tube lug that I took on the DSLR looks like there is a crack…

O well

might see if Joe can do anything about them

I doubt it would crack through the lug + the tubing inside the lug.

just ride it.