What the...? How the...?

Young bloke from work sent me this, Happened on his way to the office this morning…apparently “just riding up a hill”.

anyone care to speculate on how he did it?

few chain ring bolts fell out few weeks/months ago

stress got to the ring finally?

ditto, chainring’s are plenty stiff in one direction but once a chainring is slightly bent or if there’s slack in the chainring bolts then it doesn’t take much to fold them as pictured above.

He was probably “stunting” in blatant contravention of the warning sticker.

I reckon he’s bent his chainring.

The question here is; what was he doing in the little ring?

It was protesting about being cleaned - never.

I did lol (literally) though

that is my “OCD”. never a dirty bike

This is what happens when you run an Altus front derailuer.

Bloody Shimano…!

I had this happen years ago on a MTB with a cheap set of triples on it, you know the ones where the granny is riveted on rather than bolted?

Anyhoo, I must have just caught it just so and the rivets popped and the crankset was history!

Yes at least with Campy he could ‘feather’ the FD and get home OK.