What width bars (road drops)?

What width bars (road drops) are people running these days?

I’ve found that the “grab bars in shop and hold in front of you” method seems to be a bit hit and miss… hence I thought I’d dredge the wisdom her on the forum.

I currently have some 40cm road drops and I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re too narrow for me.

So, I’m thinking that the Nitto Rand or the Noodle in 42cm would be ideal as they both have an ergo bend on the top and a flat ramp - which is important for me as I don’t have brake hoods to lean on. Has anyone had any experience with using these bars without hoods (and especially the Rando, as the Noodle is not available in Melbs at the moment) and in what width?

Ta, m.

I’ve had the noodle bars without hoods for ages. Mine are 42. Best handlebar ever! (except for better handlebars) With brake hoods I prefer a stem that’s 15-20mm shorter.

If you come along tomorrow, you’re welcome to give them a try.

What’s a ‘flat ramp’?

Ta Nick.

‘ramp’ being the angle that the drop transitions from the horisontal into the drop itself (probably as difficult to understand as it is to explain! - Of course you can tweak this angle by rotating the bars, but that then affects the angle of the ends of the drops.)

Re: the difference between the two - All I can work out is that the Noodles have a deeper drop that the Noodles?

OK I sort of understand. And yes, it would depend on the rotation of the bars.

Have you looked at noodles up close or just in pictures? I find that pictures of noodle bars don’t really show all the bends very well.

Only looked at ‘em in pictures as no-one has them at the moment, esp. in 42cm, which Matt from Kookie informs me are now a’special order’ only size… 44cm and 46cm being the ‘standard’ sizes - however Nath told me that his 44cm bars were probably a bit wider than ideal…

Will you be a Belgium beer Cafe for waffles tomorrow? I’d be keen to see how those bars feel.

At 44cm, mine are a touch wider than I’d like them to be, but I only noticed it once I put brake hoods on. I normally use a 42cm outside-to-outside ergo drop bar - and with my spastic wrists, the extra width makes a big difference. Apparently a lot of people prefer the noodles wider than their standard drops. Whatever, you just have to try them I guess.

NITTO B115 - 45cm.
Traditional drop.
Bloody comfortable.

Bought a second set for the touring bike the other day.
Wouldn’t go past them.

Width choice. Depends on shoulder width.
your welcome to borrow the second set for a couple of days if you’d like as I haven’t got round to putting them on yet.

I doubt it.

Mikey, the problem with your question is that you’re asking about a “contact point” bike part. Contact points being parts which contact your body on a bike. i.e. Saddles, Shoes, Handle Bars, Pedals.

Everyone is different. Just like saddles, you’ll have to pony up the $$$ to buy a bar and try and see if it’s right for you. Road bars are even harder to pick than MTB bars coz there’s so many more variables like width, shape of the drop, depth of the drop, etc etc.

I know this doesn’t help but it’s something you’ll have to consider. What works for someone else may not work for you.


Ta lats, might take you up on that, except we’d have to work out the stem/bar-tape arrangement I suppose.

You still collecting tubs today (with all the rain and all…), they’re here in the office.

Will give you a buzz.
Whats the address again.
I’m in the car as had meetings on site this morning



Anyone tried putting ergo levers on track drops?, I love my narrow as hell B123’s but im wondering if the bends will create a monster…

i’ve got some soma track drops 44cm measured outside to outside i think, with black leather brooks taping you could buy? PM me if you want

woah thats a dead thread.

but man, what a polite discussion!

i want waffles now…