What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

OK, so I’ve been thinking a heap lately about what I would say to the person (boy) I was 10 years ago if I could go back in time and say, give him a list of instructions, things that I regret doing or not doing, y’know? Tell the 12 year old Dylan a few little things to help steer him along a better path.
It gets me curious.
What would you say to the person you were 10 years ago?
5 things, to keep it simple, though I know some of is may be able to think of 100!

“Start riding fixed gears, they’ll catch on… TRUST ME!”

We could be serious OG DUDES YO!
‘o was riding fixed gerr before bianchi nought out the pista’

I’d be all up on that 49CM NJS frame age 9 NAHMEAN?

  1. Don’t turn 18 and start going out drinking and seeing bands on school nights, it will fuck your VCE result up.
  2. Go Veg sooner and go for a run every now and then.
  3. Talk to the girls more, even if they tend to be massive fuckheads, it will help prepare you for Uni and future life.
  4. Ride more than one style of bike, don’t be a bikeophobe (recumbents excluded) It will open your mind and broaden your horizons, which is important for young people and where it can take you both on and off the bike.
  5. Yearn to learn more about the world, look further than beyond the shitty mind numbing classrooms and suburb you spend 5 days a week at school in.
  6. “Those that can’t do teach, and those that can’t teach, teach Phys Ed” …just remember that whenever the Phys Ed teacher thinks he/she is hot shit.


considering 10 years ago i was 12, probably ‘play more pokemon’… i heard that shit was really cool and i feel i missed out on something.

  1. Don’t spend all that money on cars.

There’s probably nothing wrong with at least trying those penis pumps.

This, but 20 years ago for me.

Great thread!!


  1. Travel. spend all that money that you wasted on cars seeing the world. When you are young you don’t expect a lot. you can bunker down in the worst accommodation, eat shit food and drink cheep piss. As people get older they then to expect more and less likely to go of the trail.

  2. use moisturiser on your face and sunscreen everywhere (man I’m starting to look old).

  3. You don’t need a tertiary education to be successful. Hard work is just as important.

  4. Network. The old saying it’s not what you know but who you know is valid.

Never leave Mexico. Never*.

*Unless you are heading south.

Ok, sime knows what time it is.

For me:
1: Don’t trust your dad. At all. Don’t give him a second chance and especially don’t give him a third.

2: Women: Teagan will stab you, Becc will eventually grow breasts that match her hips, Larissa is a waste of time and will make you cut your hair, Alice will fuck everybody you know, Sam will try to break up all your relationships, and all the assorted other ones aren’t worth your time.

3: If a doctor says ‘don’t suddenly stop the medication or you could die’, they mean it. So don’t let your sXe friends tell you to bin them cos they’re not working, you’ll end up with an altered mind!

4: Never start smoking, it may be delicious and help with the stress but it’ll fuck you up.

5: Don’t cut your hair. Let it grow long and luxurious.

  1. I’d tell myself to create a new social network, and to call it Chazbook.
  2. I’d tell myself to stop wearing rugby tops and get some decent jeans.
  3. I’d also tell me to get into cycling and that it’s not totally gay.
  4. I’d tell myself to stop using ‘gay’ as a slur.
  5. I probably wouldn’t tell myself to drink less, but I would tell me to read more.
  6. I’d also give myself a list of people to generally avoid.
  7. I’d tell me to find a really awesome place to live and that while $700 a month seems a lot now, later down the track it’ll be worth it.
  8. Oh and I’d tell myself to get off my arse and organise to spend at least a year studying overseas - seriously, a whole 6 years of uni in Melbourne? what was a thinking…

I would also tell myself, ‘don’t get too drunk at the Kaiser Cheifs gig’
Fuck that was a weird night.
Although I did see Steven K. Amos walking along the street that night.

Warhammer isn’t cool and is very expensive.

  1. Travel.
  2. Save money.
  3. Travel
  4. Save money.
  5. Travel.

This as well. Travel is character building.

I would have loved to study overseas, lived overseas. But I studied in Canberra instead, bought a house, got married… and looking back, while I am in a position where I am pretty comfortable. I would have loved to have had a few more travel stories.

this guy.

Drugs are bad mmmmkay!
Stay at QANTAS to get your long service leave, then tell them to shove it!
Buy a house
Stop spending money on cars
Stop worrying, Amelia will come along soon enough.

footnote: i would have been 28 ten years ago

A Giant Boulder SE is not the best bike in the world.