what you missed this morning (with no apologies to CT)

morning visit to the dandies:

That’ll put hair on your chest.

You got heart rate too?

yeah, would love to see HR. i’m sure 15% will get it moving a little.

Here you go

HR a bit sluggish this morn, it was freakin’ cold out there but no shortage of hillbillies in summer kit :confused:

here’s my recent effort up to belgrave:

Garmin Connect - Details


my lack of fitness is evident (peak heartrate of 197 bpm!).
and not so much fun fixed at 75 GI.

Damn 197bpm is crazy fast. How old are you?

i’m 30, so its well above my theoretical max, for whatever that means. fun times.

220-age is a pretty crude rule of thumb > my observed max is well above theoretical too. Heart size and lots of other physical systems come into play…the Big Mig had a pretty slow pump but it didn’t seem to limit him too much.

but yeah, 197 is well up there