Whats a good trick frame?

I want to build a trick bike, but have no idea about frames.
Any suggestions?

This? :wink:

Seriously though, how about you just have a look through the tricks section and see what other guys are riding. Once you’ve done a bit of independent thinking for yourself I’d suggest you come back with some specific questions.

get a scooter bro. I rode one tonight. awesome

haha, i used to have soo much fun on scooter when i was younger, like 8 years ago. remember snapping a fork at a skatepark.

I don’t think i’ll ever buy one but.

Volume, Star Fukkers, MBK, BMW, Durcus, Leader just to name a few

Just what you need

Seriously you wanta do tricks then…

These are a few of my suggestions if you want a tricking fixie frame: SE Lager, Volume thrasher or cutter and the Brooklyn machine. Otherwise just go for a BMX which mainly has a purpose for tricking :slight_smile:

Please refrain from giving people shit advice

didn’t that guy who’s sponsored by SE snap his in half? bald guy with massive spacers and head tattoos. Soap, or something.

the larger is actually not that bad for a trick frame in terms of a cheap frame. i think you mean the pk ripper. that thing is a piece of poo for tricking. alum + tricks = death. tricktrack has some nice pictures of snapped pk rippers.

yep, that’s the one.
my first fixie was a lager, now it’s my brother’s first fixie.
Not that bad. No trix for mr Dylan though!

To all those who are not gonna give a serious response, please find another thread to go post your shit in aye.

This whole ‘Get a BMX if you wanna do tricks’ thing is getting old. You think a track bike is supposed to be ridden on the road in the first place?

As for your first trick bike, check this…

Ask Prolly: What’s A Good Beginner Fixed Freestyle Bike? (Prolly Is Not Probably)

What about this frame makes it “not that bad” for tricks? Its a cheapish frame with track fork ends built for some casual fixed/ single speed riding.

It would be as suitable for tricks as a Repco Traveler road conversion, but i think the Repco would hold up to the beating much better.

The SE Lager is ok because it can bar spin with a 700c front wheel, just the components and frame strength aren’t exactly built for trickin but you gotta start somewhere