What's in the box?

This arrived today:

Any guesses?

almost looks like the stamp says DOA

I would say #newbikeday tbh

4 x unicycles

New wheel nut.


650B trike?

Based on this…

I guess someone has a new apple laptop…

An amazing and classy randonneur?


Grand Theft Auto 5

A cat?

According to tumblr and Instagram, every box has a cat in it.

Actually, looking at the picture again, it has two holes in it.

That’s what’s in your box. Two holes. Possibly more.

a 25.4mm stem?

A box of packing beans?

…Which got me thinking. How do they ship the packing beans to shipping companies?


There are three holes in this box(it was a very expensive box). There will no doubt be a cat in it when I get home.

Her pretty head

^^ Nice. Wondered if anyone would catch that.

is it a dick?