What's shiny and German?

A Marschall.

Blakey’s size too !!!

How do I say Want !!!

German MARSCHALL Stainless Steel INOX Frame 56cm SWEET | eBay

Wow shiney…

Those dropouts and cable routings are lovely.

2kg frame… heavy :slight_smile:

Nice though!!

For … ?
Where you planning to race on it?

For a similar modern steel frame. That’s all.

Sort of … but not really. All the dropouts, stay ends are investment cast and plugged. The lugs are all cast. It has an internal top tube routing, quite a beefy crown etc etc … all this stuff weighs up. Older style pressed lugs and such were lighter and imo not as strong.

Yes, you can make some lighter frames but it only takes 10 minutes on Analytic Cycling to realize that for most recreational riders this is more or less pointless.
Analytic Cycling, Interactive Methods for Estimating Cycling Performance Parameters. Tom Compton

Yes in other words, it’s heavy. :slight_smile:
Don’t get me wrong those investment cast dropouts are lovely. But if it really is 2kg for the frame that’s plumbers pipe territory.

whore ratio you OBVIOUSLY just dont understand the PASSION and AURA of shitty outdated ‘technology’

Dude, did you even spend 5 seconds on the link above?

For an average shirtless rider weighing 75 kg doing a 5km climb with a gradient of 8% the actual difference in saving 500g of frame weight (2kg frame vs. 1.5kg frame) will result in saving 7.83 seconds.

(I dunno where I’d even find a 5km long climb with an 8% gradient in Sydney, let alone Melbz)

Same rider and 500 gram weight saving for …

250m sprint: 0.023 seconds
4km pursuit: 0.098 seconds

What you’re calling plumbers pipe tubing is thinner than an eggshell and you’re really going out on a limb to prove how ignorant you are and also wasting a lot of your time constantly expressing opinions that have no basis.

Or in shorthand: Horatio: you’re an idiot

Hey horatio: weightweenies.starbike.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=3