Whats the best bell to roll.

Anyone got any suggestions for a bell,whos rollin them and what sort.

Those little black ones on the front hub spindle :smiley: In’t that right Karl :wink:

Zound AirHorn. Get serious.

check it…


o/ o/ nooothing really maaatters – to meeeee o/o/

hamburger bell.

BBB do a small black bell with elastic/rubber straps, about $8.00. I run my upside down under my risers, less noticeable. Brisbane had a crackdown during bike week.

More cowbell.

that’s oarsum - you could strap it to your wrist - then when mr polees asks where your bell is, you just put that fist in the air, and shake it like you just don’t care. with or without bird

(isn’t it a bear bell though? +1 internet for the ‘made in canada’ patch. and the price!)

Yeah it is a bear bell, i just figured with all the cows people might be riding past…

(no, just that moar bearbell isnt a meme yet)

For a moment there I thought it was a product aimed at mid-life-crisis, drum-circle-beating, peyote sipping, vision-quest-tripping, spare-beard-packing recumbent riders.

oh shit we’re going to be rich