Whats the best song to ride to?

Hey people…

im looking for the best song to ride too…

any suggestions?

cheers :sunglasses:

The sound of your tyres on the road, the chain on your cog, and the revving of the bogan about to buzz you.

Comedy option:

System of a down - Boom
Slipknot - Wait and bleed
Disturbed - Taproot - myself
Disturbed - Down with the sickness
Disturbed - Shout 2000
Disturbed - Meaning of life
Murderdolls - I love to say fuck
Chimaira - Lend a hand
Chimaira - Empty

And… If you like spinning
Disturbed - The game

Check out all of these artists, and all their albums. There’s some great riding music on them.


Metallica - Battery

/end thread

the final countdown - europe

anyway you want it - journey



gary numan - are friends electric

the sound of the thread on your un-tightened rear cog being shredded as you run your brakeless fixti-bike into the back of your mate.

music to my ears.

Sime is correct.

or Spud…

Lagwagon - Stokin the Neighbours

21 million hits can’t be wrong.

He rides track weekends.

I hate to be the one to suggest it. But The Mall (from Mash) is a really good cd to ride to, like the whole thing.

Other personal choices would vary from;

The Books / Prefuse 73
Black Dahlia Murder / Between the Buried and Me
The Twelves
Comeback Kid / Raised Fist

viking metal!

or public enemy

You want music to spin to?

+1 for Disturbed

For me only Metal gets me spinning…

My favourite Disturbed songs are:

Pain Redefined
This Moment
Sons of Plunder


Coheed and Cambria:
A House Flavour Atlantic
In keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3
Welcome home
Mother Superior


Soul on Fire - HIM
Mother - Danzig
COTE - Karnivool
Burning Beard - Clutch
Happy - Mudvayne
Psychosocial -SlipKnot
And about 4mins into Doors by Cog!


How about not listening to music while you ride so you can hear the traffic around you :evil:

Thanks Mum. :oops:

Word up!

Ramones Anthology.

But only on the trainer, never on the street. :oops:

There’s no need to be silly, is there?

Vale Joey.

:roll: So many metal heads…

Metalica fans:

For all the hipsters:

Finally, someone with sense- I was about to say the same thing.

Honk hooooooonkkkk!!!