What's the best way to get a combined MTB road race licence

As the title says what’s the cheapest way to get both.

join brunswick, im serious too, from what i heard it was going to be pretty cheap for both

It would be for road it would be my first choice as major backers of the cross scene in Melbourne. I guess I need to talk to Some of the Brunswick boys.

You’re probably old enough for a masters licence yeah? Grab a BCC licence and then if you need MTB right away get an upgrade for $50 that gives you 12 months of MTBA, pick any old club, like Fat Tyre Flyers. If the BCC MTB thing happens, or a change to the whole BMXA/CA/MTBA licence system then you can do that later.


I ended up just getting a mtba licence’s as as the road/track clubs were to much for the little bit of dabbling I would be doing. It was $120 and I joined Geelong as I use the trails they maintain at the you yangs alot. I only have to race 8 times to pay for it this way.