whats the bike path that Seems to run along the western ring road.

What’s the bike path that Seems to run along the western ring road and is it any good and is anybody using it.

ring road bike path. good path, but hard to follow in spots. take your gps.

There is one section near furlong road that is closed due to roadworks that has a massive detour. If your a badass and can ride off road just jump the fence the council workers dont give a shit aslong as you stay out of there way.

I am a badass and I ride a MTB so I will be able to do it.

I think I ended up on McIntyre road once after riding on it. Not good.

i’m quite fond of mcintyre road. feels proper ghetto.

True that.
It was a saturday lunchtime and I feared for my life on various fronts.

you don’t have to go along mcintyre though. the path does eventually meet up with the federation trail. you just gotta be prepared to back track when you inevitably take a wrong turn.

the path also meets up with the moonee creek trail, the merri trail, and my favourite, the craigieburn bike path.

Yeah McIntyre was a mistake, I turned down the path after riding around Brimbank Park etc. Just wanted to get home.
Ballarat road was interesting too.

I’ve often wondered about the Craigieburn bike path, nice to see it gets a tick of approval.

very seldom used. watch for snakes.

Is that aka Maribyrnong Bike Path?

Not the path that goes over this…

I rode out there once to have a look at the urban design, but that bridge just led to a thistle paddock.

yeah, the path doesn’t go over it - it goes straight past. i too have gone over that bridge and been a very disappointed man.

nope. this one runs alongside the hume fwy, then underneath it, to craigieburn.

I had a look on Near-maps, there is a bike path across the bridge and the Merri Creek now, but it just goes to the industrial area along the old Hume Highway… so not much better than a thistle field

Google, why do you forsake me?