Whats the deal with

the link at the very bottom of every page in the forum template that says ‘Sorry Matthew Shannon’ and links to a Melbourne fashion blog?

I’m trying to make sense of it.

I was thinking exactly the same thing yesterday.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_bomb [Edit - used wrong tags]

Thats site is pretty fucking brunswick

ha i’ve never noticed that before. either way it’s a pretty shit blog

ahh, fashion haley. i am aware of her.
i wonder what the connection is.

Yeah i seen her around. i hate fashion.

yeah it’s pretty shit, could have at least linked to Ryan’s Fuck Cunts blog… now that is some quality.

fashion hubby

broad looks like a constipated owl in every photo

Would make a pretty rad spoke card! Who wants one?

maybe the next sticker for the europa’s headtube?

only if she gets her panties down :wink:


CraigC would poke that.

You guys are kind of dicks.

that’s what i was thinking.

you guys are kind of wet blankets

nah, i’ve got no time for vapid fashionistas.

Don’t you think its kind of vapid to be giving someone shit on a forum which is supposed to be about fixed gear bicycles. I bet you ride no brakes because you like how it looks.