What's the latest and greatest in ladies bikes?

I’m looking for a bike for the missus and wondered if anyone had seen anything good?

She already has a step through that I did up for her but she wants something modern/new.

Requirements are:

Good range of gears.
Dropped cross bar.
Has to look cool/vintagey/urban/whatever. Ie a women’s Avanti MTb won’t cut it.
Budget around $600

I’ve already hit up google and found the Jamis commuter series and also the trek allant.

Buena Vista Frame Set | SOMA Fabrications

M I X T E!!!

Allant gets very enthusiastic thumbs up from a guy who’s ridden more than most of us combined.

Kent’s Bike Blog: The Allant: Trek’s Best Bicycle?
Kent’s Bike Blog: Moving On (Christine’s Allant Story)
Kent’s Bike Blog: Why I Bought A Trek Allant

Try something from the Globe series of bikes that Specialized make. Pretty much ticks all the boxes and they don’t weigh a tonne like a lot of ladies “retro” bikes do since they have Aluminium frames.

Specialized Bicycle Components

Apollo do a nice modern equipped mixte, have ridden, rides nice.

2012 Bicycle Range - VINTAGE - Apollo Bikes

and I don’t mind the look of the Trek Belleville, good package, but never ridden.

Thanks guys will take a look through.

Also newfarm bikes do some killer Electra with Velo orange gear.
I also like the globes and the trek bonneville

Met too, I like the women’s Globe Work (step through) a lot. Neat styling (not over logo’ed), enough gears (3x7, 1x7 or a 7 speed internal), fenders, rack mounts. Good, simple and cheap. Rides better than a lot of others in this price range. Not upright, but not overly stretched out either … nice balance for most round town riding but still capable of taking a hill or two.

Specialized Bicycle Components

That Globe is super clean, I reckon that might tick all the boxes. Bike Exchange shows no stockists in QLD, should any Specialized dealer be able to get them?

My mate had them in stock but I can check tomorrow,
Specialized are struggling to carry stock at the moment

They’re almost sold out in the warehouse so I’d get on to it quickly if you want one.


Pic doesn’t show but the bars have a neat amount of rake back to the rider. Just a little but a nice perch.

note that the sizing of the frames in the Globe ‘Daily’ ranger run pretty large, should you end up looking at one.

Try Epic cycles. I think they had some.

No, it’s not a Rapha outlet.

Ha! I love the first comment on this blog… classic “Youre doing it wrong”. jockstrap.

It made me want to get one of those bikes, for sure. I like a dropped TT on a town bike for myself. I hadn’t heard of em til now. The Belleville is one heavy machine.

Kent is a champ. Go team mountain turtle.