What's the weirdest thing you have seen in the bike lane?

I see singular thongs ALL the time.

This morning I saw half a red onion.

I once saw a pigeon covered in noodles

Alive or dead?

I found a toga handlebar bag, brand new and $4.75 in coins.

Alive. It and its m8s had gotten into a discarded TA box of noodles, and in their frenzy were flicking the noodles all over their backs.

Weirdest thing I found in a bike lane was a double ended, dildo, which is very early on in my Instagram btw.

I did once see a pigeon get run over by a car in Elizabeth St cos, while his mates wandered onto the footpath when the lights changed, he chose to stay and peck at the piece of bread on the road. They make a popping sound as they explode too!


i knew someone had seen a dildo, i came here to post exactly that! hahaha

I once found a rubber chicken.

I also found a baby’s shoe that I recognized as possibly belonging to my baby so I picked it up. Turns out it was! It had been lost for over a week.

Two cats, hence the “rescuer of kittens” thing.

My base jumper mates tell me that when people go in (as in, go into the ground without a functioning canopy over their head) over in Norway on big walls the “pop” echoes through the whole valley for miles, seriously.

Rubber/plastic snake, was there for a few weeks before it disappeared

Dead fox.

dead animals are pretty shit when you are in traffic and have to swerve to avoid

Also found a dolphin torch, still working and actually on. One of the new LED ones.

When I was in Perth, I was riding along and looking at a guy close to the edge of the path, he was staring at me.

When I got close I realized he was looking at a half dead dugite (snake) that had been half run over by a car, then back at me, then back at the snake… I then ran over it as it was too long to swerve around and was going to fast to stop. Guy didn’t say a word the whole time haha.

Scared the crap out of me.

Tate’s hat

Learn to bunnyhop.


Dude waiting at a bus stop, drops his iphone into the bike lane. So glad he saw me and didn’t jump to get it as I was doing 45, and had a angry soccer mum’s urban 4WD pretty much half wheeling me which made the bunny hop over the phone all the more sweeter.

As the bike lane is usually the gutter I look for money - found enough money once to go to town at the cyclocross at Murrarie and eat and drink like a king.

yeah, I do this too. royal parade is good for it coz I reckon heaps of ppl go running in princes park with only their car key & $10 for a coffee or whatever. found $10 & an itrip once, still use the itrip on roadtrips.

A grown man riding a recumbent bike.