whats the world coming to?

Einstein theory of special relativity in doubt?

Sorry, but this has been known for over 10 years. Really.

That’s intense…
Whether this has been known for 10 years or not, it almost blew my little mind reading that article.
I never knew about pretty much any of that shit. Which makes me wonder how many other amazing things like this there are that I’ve never heard of that would also make my brain 'splode.

lol for some reason i thought you answered your own question in post #2.

And, once again, Thomas Khun is vindicated.

Some further detail. At the ‘July lectures in physics’, I’m quite sure it was 1999, one of the lectures was on neutrinos (perhaps I can find it). Back then a method of detecting neutrinos* was to have a very large tank of water with many extremely sensitive light detectors. A neutrino would ‘fly’ into the pool and exceed the speed of light in water** creating what could be called an optic boom (Cherenkov radiation). The light detectors would be able to pick up this radiation.

It was noticed*** that prior to the visual detection of a star flares, detection of neutrinos increased. i.e. the neutrinos produced in the flare were getting to Earth before the light was - and much of the distance between earth and a star is a vacuum. I do not recall whether the effect of the atmosphere could have explained the time difference, but I suspect not. At the time, if I recall correctly, the difference was explained by the diffraction of light around objects as it travelled through space, i.e. that light was not travelling in a straight line to earth, where as the neutrino was. As such, the neutrino was not travelling faster than the speed of light in a vacuum, it was just taking a shorter route. Yet, it covers the distance faster than light. Interesting shit IMO :slight_smile:

This article is suggesting something different though, so I probably jumped the gun there, not reading it properly and thinking holy shit, welcome to the 90s… I eagerly await confirmation of results and the end of the world as we know it****. Carry on.

*See Cherenkov detector here

**It’s the speed of light in a vacuum that is, perhaps until now, regarded as the absolute maximum speed… there is no rule that says the speed of light in a medium cannot be exceeded.

***EDIT… it was 1998… see here

****Or not.

fkn magnets.

What do you do SenEsteban?

What a coincidence, I’m reading Nightfall by Asimov and the exact same thing is happening. No spoilers please, only half way through.

Nothing to do with physics unfortunately.

^ I thought everything had to do with physics?

It’s all relative.

thanks for the extra info, i always get caught up in this physics stuff but don’t always fully understand but its pretty rad shit

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Somewhat related, I love all the videos and documentaries on quantum physics. I wish I was smart enough to be involved with that shit. Blows my mind hearing about some of the stuff they hypothesise.

Gotta love experiencing the process of paradigm shift after 100 years of perceived scientific certainty

some big words goin on in this thread

so, the main thing to take away from this is to go out and buy a DeLorean?

you are smart enough. it’s all bullshit, you probably need a degree or something though to get anyone to take you seriously though when you come up with a laughable theory.
quantum physics is a religion, not a science, and a fucken daft one at that.

Being fair to quantum physics, it’s a largely established field of science that has a large amount of empirical testing behind it as well as reasonable hypothesis at it’s foundations.

Theoretical physics, however, is more akin to a religion and a pretty farfetched set of ideas. The interesting shit that they show in documentaries like multiverses and string theory that are almost pseudoscientific in nature and aren’t examples of quantum physics but theoretical physics.

Sorry bout the rant, I kinda like science…