whats the world coming to?

ok. all the docos i see about string theory blahblahblah say they’re about quantum physics. my post was about string theory, eleven dimensions, time travel etc. if that’s theoretical physics rather than quantum physics then accept my apology for the tarnishing of its’s name and find out why all those shows claim to be about quantum physics

String theory claims to be a component of quantum physics because IF it ever were to be accepted into the scientific community, it would come under that category as, put simply, quantum physics is the study of the nature of really really small things. String theory still has not been accepted as a legitimate theory because the nature of the strings means that they’re too small to observed/detected in any empirical manner. This makes it still under the banner of theoretical physics.

But yeah, theoretical physics is shit

back when i was at uni (mid-late 90s) there was an interesting article in the student paper about the increasing cross over between theoretical physics and theology.

the looked at a number of the more prominent people in the field at the time and found a lot of them to be heavily religious. it was inspired by a couple of theories that were starting to look a lot like fundamentalist babble.

of course the cross over between science and religion isnt new… i mean L.Ron Hubbard pretty much wrote the book on it (hardy-ha-ha!)


more like Booooo-Yaaaahhhhh!!!
a shitty pun always makes me smile

when i was at uni the first time (early oughts) i went to see some lecture by some visiting seppo physicist, it turned out to be basically a lecture on intelligent design, before that term was widely used. basically just some christian shithead claiming the universe was too perfect to be chance/chaos/whatevs. look around buddy, i don’t see a whole lotta perfection where i’m standing

These days, if you wanna do theoretical physics, you gotta be ready for some pretty hardcore metaphysics. Shit is annoying.

Are you really calling Dr. Quantum daft?

symmetry breaking

thought I’d dig up this thread to post a recently published article, doesn’t seem like this violation of special relativity is settling too well within the scientific community.