What's wrong with this picture?

From: Embrocation Cycling Journal: Gallery: Love #3

I have my theory as to why what’s wrong is the way it is.


Steerer length?

No spacer?

steerer length looks to be the obvious choice,

No steerer in where the stem connects…

Yep, and possible reasons why?

Frame is made out of aluminium and therefore is not real

Not steel, not real

I was going to say that Deda is obviously trying to cash in on the popularity of the ever-loved ‘8 ball’ graphic on their new 35mm stems/bars but didn’t realise it doesn’t work when the number isn’t an ‘8’

looks cool?

looks like there is a little bit of steerer on the lower half of the stem clamp, maybe they cut the steerer too short?

or weight weenie

There’s no steerer in the stem, plus no spacer on top of the stem

Plus the 35 means it can’t be flipped

it’s not an animated gif with cats/dogs etc?

looks like there is a ‘middle cap’ (for lack of better word) on the lower part of the stem, which would be acting like a top cap, and the actual top cap … no ideas

People want to slam their stem so much that the head tube is now the spacer. It also appears the head set is not sitting flush with the frame. Maybe the headset should be intergrated?

Nope, nope, nope.

Has it just been badly photoshopped for marketing purposes? They missed the bit about no steerer inside the stem…

Horatio, that’s a possibility, but there’s a legitimate reason that what’s pictured is the actual steerer length.

This bike has a Serotta S3 fork

Something to do with this? No idea

white bar tape with white frame…