Wheel boxing tips

I’ve got a set of wheels that I’m needing to pack and send. I haven’t had much luck with searching online to get any tips on constructing a box for them. I have heaps of bubble wrap and will have a few boxes left over from our move on this weekend. Can anyone direct me of any diy articles without having to purchase another box?

Appreciate all the help.

just get a wheel box from a LBS…?

I’d call your lbs… They always have wheel boxes sitting around

Edit: rolly beat me to it

This, otherwise it takes ages to construct your own.

Keep your right arm up and jab with your left…wait.

get the plugs that go on the ends of the axles too so they don’t punch holes in the box

Fight like you have a glass chin right?

Cheers Fellas. I’ll scout the lbs and report if there are any problems.