Wheel building lessons

I am not sure if this is the right part of the forum to post this although the forum moderators are welcome to let me know if it should be in another section on the forum if they wish.

I am teaching wheel building to anyone interested.

The lessons will be about measuring spoke lengths, the easiest way to lace wheels and the best way to tension a wheel so that it lasts a long time.

I have many years experience as a professional bicycle mechanic and think that the lessons will be valuable for anyone who would like to learn more about building bicycle wheels.

The lessons will be in the evenings (starting at 7:30) in Melbourne’s CBD.

I can be contacted on probikemechanic@yahoo.com or PM.

ooh there’s a guy in Canberra doing these in February as well.

  • Joel

that would be cool, but im in syd! =( haha


I’m sure there is someone here that would do lessons.

Syd wheel build course - Jan 29th 2011:

Wheel Building Course - …January 29th - Sydney Cyclist

wow awesome idea! Group sessions! Pm sent!

Sounds good - shame i’m in Canberra now.
Tomacropod - what’s the details for the Canberra ones

Sorry - just saw the details in the Canberra posts - cheers

Damn, if only I had my spokes by then I could build my own wheel set. You doing it Rod?

Canberra post updated with extra details.

  • Joel