Wheel help

I really want to update my wheels on my roadie. It’s currently set up with a campy 8 speed drivetrain. If I were to buy newer wheels, to make them 8 speed compatible is it as simple as a change over of the freehub? Is this an expensive exercise?

Thanks in advance!!

I could be wrong but I am pretty sure there is no way to run modern wheels with the older campag 8 speed cass’s. From memory they totally changed the freehub bodies when they went to 9 speed and wheel manufactures do not provide free hub bodies for both 8 speed and the new 9,10 speed standard. Happy to be proven wrong but I think this is the case. Having said there may be some 8 speed aftermarket case that fit the new standard.

Yep, the spline pattern on the freehubs changed with 9sp.

Here’s a long shot - Miche sprockets can be bought individually and come in in both campag and shimano spline patterns, spacers of various width are also available. You might (and I stress might) be able to bodge something that works with a shimano 9sp wheelset and a creative combo of Miche sprockets & spacers - Call Paul Hillbrick (at Hillbrick), he might be able to help you with this but like I said it’s a long shot.

Sounds like it’s a pain In the backside to do, I’ll stick with your shamals CC.

In an earlier life I might have tried it, now I’d probably strip, polish & sell the 8sp :wink:

Hillbrick 02 9820 4011
Miche sprockets


Well there you go :smiley:

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Hey Sasha, have you had a flood of orders for copies of that sweet hotrod bike of yours featured in the lastest Treadlie mag? - it is sick and I wants one.

you could prolly get some nice NOS 8sp hubs from ebay etc and lace them to whatever you like

People want… till they find out the price!