wheelbuilding in perth

where are the best/cheapest places for wheelbuilding in perth?

i asked a few stores and heres what i got so far

ideal cycles i think was $25 per wheel plus $1 per spoke
and pal and panther is $40 per wheel including spokes i think…

and thats all i got so far
if anyone has more info let me know


$25 + $1 a spoke is pretty damn cheap.

Unless you got a mate who knows how to build wheels it aint gona get any cheaper. If you’re getting something hand built, you might as well not cheap out on spokes either. an extra 20c or whatever to get DT Swiss spokes will be worth it in the long run.

Most places will charge around $40 dollars labour per wheel. + Spokes/Nipples.

but if i only had the hubs and rims, it would be cheaper to go to somewhere building it for $40 including spokes and nipples right?
unless im missing something…

or would there be somewhere where i can buy spokes for cheap then bring them to ideal cycles to get it built for 25 a wheel?

you could buy spokes online, but I don’t think it would make much difference anyway, you’d have to calculate the spoke length specific to your hub and rim once you factor in shipping it would probably equate to roughly $1 a spoke anyway.

and yes, $40 bucks is incredibly cheap…

what type of spokes are they using in their $40 inclusive deal?!?

$40 including spokes is crazy cheap, so cheap that it makes you question how good it could actually be. If they’re using Sapim, DT or Mach1 spokes, then that’s a really good deal! If they’re using CN spokes, or some no-name spoke, you’re honestly better off not getting it done at all. I’d offer to build them for you, but firstly I’m in Melbourne so postage can make it not worth the effort, and secondly I wouldn’'t match those prices anyway.

I’d be taking it somewhere a bit more expensive: those prices sound too cheap to be any good.

just average stainless steel spokes im pretty sure

but just average spokes cant be that bad for your bike can they?

If you wanted to take it to a bike shop so that it could be done properly, in an accurate trueing stand, with a tensiometer, spoke head punch, a dishing tool and so forth, then $40 including spokes won’t cover that (and not every bike shop has those tools).

However, if you just want to get a wheel built and you’re not too worried about how it rides or how many spokes you break, you’re probably better off keeping your $40 and buying DT Swiss spokes from them and lacing it yourself. Just find some photos of some laced wheels so that you can work out what it’s supposed to look like (I can send you a couple if you get stuck). It won’t be great without a trueing stand and all the other techniques, but it’s better than paying someone else to do it and getting a bad job. At least that way you get good spokes.

Just my $0.02

Jim has always done really good work for me. He restored an old raod bike prefectly for $90. He can be a bit slow but it’s worth it. The shop (and Jim) should be listed as national treasures

is that a bike shop?
can i get a address because when i looked it up i didnt find anything

pal and panther
29 Angove Street
North Perth opposite milk’d and next door to motor bike store