Wheelset Build

Ive had the opportunity to order in a few deep-v or dp-18 weinmann wheelsets. The thing is to save heaps on shipping I have to get them shipped disassembled.

Does anyone on this forum know how to build up wheelsets (properly) or has anyone had good experiences at certain LBS over others.


What state are you in?

If you’re in Melbourne I’m assuming everyone is going to say Shifter Bikes.

I’ve just arrived in Sydney.

So NSW but i could easily bring them to Melbourne if it would be cheaper and a good build

may not be cheaper; if you go to dan it will be an excellent build.

Dan = shifter bikes???

How much will it cost to build each wheel ±

yes. dan = shifterbikes.

cost depends on your project. don’t bother asking us - go direct to the source!

~$50 per wheel, or thereabouts.

For something local ive started to feel loyal (after 3 rounds of purchasing spokes, bits and peices) to Inner City Cycles on glebe point road. There is an english guy in the workshop had good advice and it costs $45 for a wheel build there.

IF you are looking for something local.