I have been into road cycling and unicycling (1 fixed wheel) for ages and have decided to take the plunge into the fixed world.

For my first bike i dont really want to break the bank too much although i want something that isnt gonna fail on me the first time i have to stop suddenly.

As far as wheelsets go what should i be looking for? How much am i gonna be looking at paying?
These both look alright (and pretty well priced), but like a said - i really dont know too much at this stage:

What else would you suggest?

Also are there any particulary fixie-friendly LBS’s in melbourne?


Do you want to:

  1. Build up a bike
  2. Convert an old frame
  3. Buy complete

If you don’t want to break the bank, buying complete is usually the cheapest option if you don’t have too many spare parts lying around.

Those wheels are basic formula hubs. Pretty good stuff. Velocity track wheelsets used to use the hubs and the the wheels generally go for AUS$400. Although for that price I know of a better option.

Abbortsford cycles in Richmond is a good place to start.


I’m thinking i will convert an old frame. Buying complete takes most of the fun out of it - i want something that’s unique.

Thanks for the info - those wheels are looking like a pretty good option right now for lack of alternatives.


With the formula wheels, make sure that the axles are long enough for your frame. Standard formula hubs will only fit 120mm frames. Some shops replace the axle to accomodate a longer spacing. The wedpage you pointed to states that they will provide various spacers to change the spacing but doesn’t actually say anything about the axle. Best to check before you buy.


That website doesn’t ship outside of the US.

+1 Des suggestion: Abbotsford is a good place to start.

US freight will gouge you >$300 for a wheelset. More reasonable if you bring in hubs, rims and spokes. UK freight is fair for wheelsets.

Mr. 'matosis often has wheelsets going very reasonably - send him an email (check his site for infos).

Try Fly Bike Shop on ebay rather than on their web page.

I bought a wheelset from them and had it shipped here a few months ago, and that was even after US Postal went all funny on shipping large packages outside the US.

and how much was postage?

About USD$55. The wheels came to about AUD$240 delivered.

I just had a look and it would seem that Fly Bike Shop is no longer selling on ebay…

…and other sellers seem not to be quoting OS shipping.

Maybe US Postal did knacker the whole system after all?

What about these guys:

Is any of their gear any good? It says they ship to Oz but again all their hubs seem to be 120mm. How much of an issue is this? - it is possible to maybe bend an old steel frame in a bit to fit?

Otherwise would it be worth buying the wheels as-is and replacing the axles at an LBS in melbourne? If so how much would i be looking at for an axle replacement job?


OK - Wheels and Sprocket stopped shipping to OZ for a while, but now they’re back - however I’d email them to make sure that the ebay shipping quoting system is providing the correct information.

My GF has one of their wheelsets and it’s been rolling for 6 months or so now, relatively trouble-free. One hub seems to be a bit loose, but does not affect the functionality. I think it might have copped a hit in transit, but that’s the gamble you take with shipping a wheelset from the US. Any gear is as good as the components that make it up - the W&S cheap fixed-wheelsets are no-frills gear, but will work fine.

Standard rear hub spacing is 120mm. You won’t find a new hub that is otherwise, at least not a cheap and cheerful modern hub.

You can cold-form (read: bend) a steel frame without too much drama, depending on the frame and the amount of bending involved… My frame was 110mm originally and it was re-spaced to 120mm OK.

Just to clarify:

Front 100mm
Standard track 120mm
7 speed road 126mm
8/9/10 spd road 130mm
MTB 135 mm
Downhill 150mm

You’ll find that most track/fixed hubs come with appropriate spacers to be put together as 120/130mm, there are also some options in 135mm for fixed/singlespeed. Have a look at sheldon’s site for a range of stuff from cheap but good all the way up to Phil Wood (expensive and really good).

I got my Velocity’s on sale here. They’re back up to $365 at the moment.