What are you running?

Wanna build up something new soon, thinking profile hubs to H+Sons running 38-40c tyres?
Any hot tips? not too keen on running chuckers but any other good new shit out? been outta the loop for a bit, cheers.
Would like to keep the weight down


I’m using H+Son EERO to Phil Wood with 42c Rando’s built by Shifterbikes and they still going strong after 6 months and not out of true even a small bit.
I’m keen to relace the EERO’s to a set of the new Resist hubs once they become available though and keep the Phil’s for a a new track build.

As for Velocity rims for tricks I’d steer well clear. I’m yet to see a set stand up to serious abuse!

Sunringle MTX33 and Velocity P35’s seem to be popular too.

eero’s are good but arent they heavy?
other good popular rims are stuff like chukkers, p35’s, alex g6000s, mtx33’s, etc…

and also, there are hubs from the brand SADIO coming out, or they could already be out…
they are made for freestyle tricks, and they are ridden by a few people from grime i think so they should be good…

I don’t run a trick bike but B43’s are meant to be pretty strong and standard.

i don’t trick, so i don’t know
but does weight matter much for tricking? i thought you just wanted something to thrash around
does it make it more difficult to do stuff or something?

it would definitely be easier to trick with lighter parts, but it doesn’t matter too much…
as long as your bike isn’t an anchor

Dang those Sadio hubs n cogs look the business, any idea when they will be available? Word on the street is H+Sons are a fair bit lighter than B43s n chuckers…


But like a skateboard… The lighter it is the higher you can jump or ollie.

Well the wheels you want sound pretty ace, i have b43s and they are holding up a treat, i dont do the biggest stuff but they hold true on 180s that i fail, i cased hopping up a 3 set pretty heavily and their straight, and if you get them for the right price i would not say no.

Weight is not really an issue on a trick bike but if you think half a kilo is gonna help you bunny hop higher take shit before ya ride!

Technique is everything, get your technique right and you wont have any issue with wheels going out of true and tyre roll offs. Practice, practice, practice!

sadio’s have just landed in the states TheGrime — SPARK PEG-Friendly HUB (rear)

which H+Sons are you talking about?
the trick rims made by them are the EEROs, which are one of the strongest 700c rims out, but one of the heaviest (790g, compared to rims like the chukkers which are 650g)
you may be thinking about the Formation Face rim? they are very light, but not made for tricking…

i run chukkers both back and front. both are 48hole and i am 100kg+ and they are still solid
I have nothing bad to say about them only good things

so true! practice makes perfect :slight_smile:

so the new resist hubs are 14mm with a slotted axle, meaning it can fit regular drop out, is that correct?


I’ve got my EERO to Phil Woods for sale if anyone’s keen?
$650 for the set. Cost over $1200 to build! BUILT TOUGH by Shifterbikes.


I’ve got my EERO to Phil Woods for sale if anyone’s keen?
$650 for the set. Cost over $1200 to build! BUILT TOUGH by Shifterbikes.

Markee if only you post this up a week ago…i just received a set of EERO and i’m shocked how expensive it is to get it built…
btw, you know where can i get the resist hubs? not in melbourne i believe?

Resist hubs were in stock at BreakBrake17 two weeks ago. RESIST ICON HUBSET BLACK [ICON] - NT$4,500 : breakbrake17, Online Store

yeh i emailed Yag at bb17 but they only stock the true 14mm and didn’t get the slotted 3/8", i guess i’ll have to get it in the us…

Ahh shit luck. I just received my profile hubs and they sent one 32H and a 36H, I wanted 36H fr and rr! Bought them from Ben’s Cycle so easy to change just more time till the new wheels are built.