When did fixed gears become this?

Can people please stop taking photos of scantily glad girls on fucking fixed gears like they are posing on some Harley in Live to Ride?

Aren’t we above this?

And really, a fucking Lager?

Sounds like somebodies got a case of the Mondays… oh wait.

I think had too much Iced Coffee today.


When did fixed gears become this?


i dont see the problem? :evil:

Although interestingly, my wife’s Women’s Health magazine has a photo spread and the location? a velodrome with the model holding and posing with a track bike.

I’d rather see that than the normal fixie fodder of 120 lbs guys in pants that are designed for small girls.


websites like fyxomatosis really don’t help. glorification of shiny parts and mirrors and token tits-and-arse.
the whole thing with girls-in-heels standing over bikes they’re never going to ride - such a stupid teenage boy fantasy.

uh, changed my mind

sums it up neatly!

That frame is way to big for her.

Fixed.org.au really is the top of the heap when it comes to this. Imagine if we had a thread like what-the-heck-is-happening-here

i think this kind of thing should be incouraged, kinda like AA advertising, it empowers women :evil: i also agree its a teenage boy fantasy thing and in my oppinion fixies are up there with world of warcraft when it comes to teenage boy fantasy

61 pages of that over there. mainly a bunch of car-nerds turned bike-nerds on that forum. hence the “import models”.

the whole thing with girls-in-heels standing over bikes they’re never going to ride

though strangely enough i got no beef with pictures of girls on their own bikes however slight though the difference may be.

wtf… i think this has run its course (what ever it was suppose to be?) all teenage boys have had their fun…delete.

He’s French. Say no more.

agree. it’s over.