When skateboard companies make track bikes...

I understand the whole skateboarder and track bike / fixed gear thing, but I think this is going a little far. Maybe I just don’t like Element skateboards either.

It’s not like it is a production bicycle. Only five will be made and auctioned for environmental causes. It looks to be a very decent bike with good kit as well.


Wooden rims- are you joking Des?! :evil:

No. There is nothing wrong with wooden rims if well made.


To me it is a nice looking bike. But apart from the obvious bandwagon jumping, to me when any corporate gets on their high horse like that the bullsh1t detector hit’s the red.

Element is now owned by a large surf company, Quicksilver or Billabong, can’t remember which. But both of them are just sweatshop based multinationals. And the toxins the industry uses and produces in the manufacture of products like surfboards and wetsuits are definitely not sustainable or environmentally friendly.

They’ll piss on your leg and tell you it’s raining just to market their brands. Pretty sad I reckon.

Don’t…don’t…don’t believe the hype.

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I don’t think it looks that bad. Sure it might be that their capitalising on a new market, but it sounds like they’re doing it for good causes and not just the cheddar.

Trust me, Its all about the cheese.

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thats funny shit!