Where can I get these in Australia

Hi All I found this UK website selling track cranks and I saw these, does anybody know were to get them in Austaralia

DDiamond PRO CrankSet on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

There main website is
DDiamond Offical Website
but It does not tell me who I can purchase from In Australia

i think Saint Cloud stock them (or some very similar).

I would get the original… that is just a copy of Campagnolo Super Record cranks. You can get Campy on ebay.

IRD makes almost identical cranks for $160 US:

IRD Defiant 144 Track Crank

distributor for AU:

SCV Imports
P.O. Box 3213
Tuggerah NSW 2259
+61 (02) 4353 2633
Fax: +61 (02) 4353 2533

would definitely get the originals…save up a little bit longer :smiley:

Why? These copies look good, are cheap, and come with a warranty!

Originals have ‘wank factor’
Massive hipster appeal, possibly outweighing price/warranty/condition issues.

We had a pair of these at Human Powered not too long ago. I think we might still have them actually. They look pretty nice.

ha i wonder if they did anything to address the cracking from stress concentrations where the spider meets the arm… there’s a reason why they don’t make them like this anymore…

first person to crack their DDiamond set ?

It’s personal preference…
a competent manufacturer can copy a great work of art (or industrial design in this case) with a such detail that for all means and purposes, the copy looks the same as the original. But original required not only the same technical skills but the (original) artist’s/designer’s/manufacturer’s inventiveness, imagination, creativity, insight…etc as well. The copy will never be a great work of art, though it looks just like the original, which is. In a sense the original work of art is not then just the final product, but the product along with all that went into creating it… and not nearly as much goes into creating a copy.

The originals weren’t technically great. Most of the copies were superior.

we are talking about bicycle cranks, right?

my answer was more about why would I choose original instead of copy.

^ I know what you are saying, but the original Campagnolo Pista crank has become such a collectable item these days. For something you actually want to use and ride, paying $400.00 for a used crank is just stupid IMO.

+1 , The original one is always the best. You can buy if Ddiamond one had a good feedbacks from many riders.

lol , you pay for what they symbolise :stuck_out_tongue:

marketing and a consumer consciousness is what is required

FFS - I’m going to carve some out of wood this weekend and stick them in my cupboard for 30 years. Then sell them to some stupid hipster* (*substitute for 2040 hipster synonym) They’ll probably break, but at least they can say “I’m an individual… just like everybody else”

i’d rather own an Andy Warhol than some old can of soup.
'specially if the copy is new, not some rounded out old crapheap, that, as mentioned, had structural issues.
wank factor aside, who cares?. i’m sure by the time the OP has stumbled across a NOS set of Campy’s he’ll have saved up enough money for them

But let’s discuss postmodernism, mechanical reproduction and all things Walter Benjamin in more depth…

I could understand if the OP was buliding a period-correct track bike or something, but they’re not- they just want some cranks that look cool to ride around on.
Old does not necessarily mean good

^^ yes! technological advancements are called advancements for a reason.

as long as it’s not a budget, mass produced, p.o.s., new is almost always better