Where do people sell stolen stuff?

Hey guys,
one of my guitars got stolen on the weekend and it fucking sucks. I was wondering if anyone knew where people who steal stuff will generally try to hock it? I figured ebay, and gumtree are probably a bit too risky for them, so I was wondering if there was somewhere else I could try.

Cash converters.

What area are you in?


Dodgy pawn shops.

Let this be a lesson, kids. Always D-lock your guitar.

i usually sell it to cons.

wait, what?

I want my guitar back rolly!
turns out some knob took a bunch of shit from me and my neighbours and then dumped it down the road. The guy whose house it was outside said he saw a guitar, thanks for picking it up you jerk! So now I’m hoping someone thought it was hard rubbish collection and that a wanted with reward poster will solve it all.

Switzerland. Worked for Germany for years.