Where do Sydney people holiday in NSW?

I am heading down to Lake Tabourie for a few days tomorrow. I decided to take my kids out of school 2 days early so I get in before the peak pricing came in and cost of a small cabin more than doubled. School holiday premiums are insane!

Looking forward to it though, just me and the kids, the lake, the beach, a jumping cushion & a pump track!

oi, if you’re gonna head home via the coast, let me know.

Taking as many holidays outside school holiday time as I can before my boy hits school age…

Don’t let that stop you though. They can miss a few weeks of school here and there (until they get to high school) if it gets you some quiet holiday time.

South West Rocks. I know of some places that won’t be packed also I know of a few free spots which are great if you want to sleep in a swag and use the amenities at other places.

Areas around jervis bay are good too.

what are your sydney dates i hope i don’t miss you can we hang out oh god oh god

deep breaths mate, it’s all gonna be ok.

not actually too sure about dates though, we’re hoping to be in Sydney by NYE but it’ll depend on the weather.

you’ll know when I get to Sydney coz Instagram.

I’ll be in byron a few days either side of new years just make sure you stay around OKAY?

Lots of good suggestions here (especially HLC with Belangalo !!), most anywhere up or down the coast is beautiful, hard to put a foot wrong. Coz’ it’ll be short trip for you I think the suggestions of the Hawksbury or Bundeena are particularly good but keep in mind it’s peak holiday time. With that in mind sometimes it’s OK to just hang in the city, ride around to a nice vantage point on the harbour for the crackers on NyE, and hit the beaches during the day. There’s not many cities with a wide range of beaches and harbour spots within a short bike ride’s distance and summer’s a nice time to take it all in (with SPF50 for you Rollz).

I’ll do my best Harry, I promise!!

Ben, I’ll be honest, I’m not too keen on hangin out in a city, and I wasn’t sold on Sydney the last time I was up there (sorry Sydneysiders!!). Even if I head back to Melbourne I wouldn’t mind getting out of town…

I’ll look into the Belanglo option. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I wasn’t trying to make some Milat joke, I was actually serious.

I used to do a fair bit of shooting in there (which is a bit weird) but it’s a pretty rad State Forest with lots of great areas to camp out.

I also watched a guy roll a car on the dead straight road that runs straight through the park.

I didn’t make the milat connection, so I never thought you were joking…

Summer bay, from what I can tell the place looks beautiful and the diner aka Noah’s place seems to be a great place to hang out.
If your after more of a night life duck into mangrove river.
Just don’t get caught out late by the river boys.
Tell Irene I said hi and punch Alf in the nuts for me.

Alroght Rolls Royce - I reckon you should come to Canberra for an Ezy hang sesh. But if you want to experience some of the nicest parts of the South Coast… here is my list of places to possibly check out, listed from North to South:

  1. Drive from Sydney and check out Gerringong/Werri Beach + Geroa. There is a YHA in Gerringong that I have stayed in before - pretty sure it would be booked out though.

  2. Check out the small town of Berry, I haven’t been there during peak period. No doubt it will be chaos.

  3. Skip Nowra.

  4. Hyams beach (Jervis Bay) is said to have the whitest sand in the world. You can camp around there - just not sure about the peak season.

  5. Milton/Narawallee/Mollymook are one of my fav places in the world. Beautiful beaches and one of my favourite places to eat is in Milton - a vegetarian joint called ‘Pilgrims’. This will be packed due to the high season.

Driving through Ulladulla will be bad - expect delays here.

  1. Durras - You want to go to the North part of Durras to marramarang National Park - one of my fav beaches in the world is around here that you have to treck into to get there (Pebbly Beach North). Depot Beach is also nice - camping is going to be pretty popular around this area.

  2. Skip through Batemans Bay - it is just Canberra on the coast.

  3. Moruya - just after this small town you want to check a left to Congo or Bingie pt. Some great surf spots around here.

  4. Dalmeny - A smaller town on the other side of Narooma where most people stay. Possible camping…

  5. Tilba Tilba - a perfect country town with a cute main street. As seen on ‘Little River Cottage - Australia’.

  6. Wallaga Lake/Bermagui - A short drive off the Princes Hwy will bring you into Wallaga Lake. I have camped at Wallage Lake Park twice during the xmas holidays. Great place… Head into Bermagui and check out Mr Jones. A very talented artist who runs a café - next door is the best gelato. All local ingredients so the menu is constantly changing with the seasons.

  7. Skip Tathra/Bega/Merimbula

  8. Eden is a strange town, every time I have been there it has had the worst weather. Freezing cold in the middle of summer? I don’t understand this place.

  9. The drive from Eden towards Mallacoota is beautiful - pick some good tunes and wind your window down. Mallacoota will have some camping in a really big communal village. Sort of like how I imagine the world would be like if it were all tents. I liked the area - I just didn’t like the amount of people.

Thats all I can really offer in terms of the coastal way down from Sydney to Melbourne.

Thanks Ezy!! If I drive back I will definitely use this!

Start walking along Seven Mile Beach from Gerroa to Shoalhaven Heads. Sure to find a deserted wave, if that’s your thing.

Yep, chaos. But worth looking at. It’s one of those destinations outside Sydney that is ‘just far enough to be a classed as a long drive away’ place, so loads of day trippers and weekenders.

This. I have lots of family in the Nowra, so I’m a bit meh about it. Decent size place, but not a huge amount going for it in terms of tourism. The focus is outside town.

Pebbly FTW!

Yep, used to live there, and grew to despise the christmas influx.

Moruya is another of my ex-home towns, but I was only a kid. Congo is a ripper spot.

Expect a lot of just road and forest after Eden, unless you turn off the highway to the townships. Great drive, right round to Lakes Entrance.