Where to buy 'Bike Ribbon' tape?

I’ve used this stuff for a couple of years and I love it:

Grip bar tape - Bike Ribbon product page

Unfortunately since Spoken bike shop in St Kilda changed hands, they don’t seem to sell it anymore. Anyone know where to get it from these days?

It has a really generic brand name, and a swirly logo. But it’s made in Italy and it’s cheap:

And no, I’m not interested in substitutes!

BBB have the same bar tape. Reckon they just chuck it in their own packaging. It’s on my Hillman atm.

Yeah, I’ve got the BBB stuff. There’s a few shops taht sell it in Adelaide. I think Fizik sell a version too…

I’ve bought that from goldcross, once before. Perhaps try there?

pmd you.
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H - the stuff is sold in Europe (and was sold here) under the “Stella Azzura” brand - I bring in a bulk order from time to time from a guy in Switzerland. Half a dozen packs or more posted usually works out cheaper than local prices. I’ve bought the bike ribbon one a couple of times and it’s exactly the same stuff. The Fizik one looks similar but it’s nowhere near as grippy.

Check out Bellatisport.com out of Mendrisio, Andrea Bellati is a top bloke to deal with (and a former swiss national track champ).

from wiggle, but i dont know if they do the split/stitched one

BBB make the same stuff exactly
Just go to a cheapo bike store

So they do, thanks for that

Are the cork ones on wiggle great stuff? Or the cinelli’s one are better? (Saw CWC having cinelli ones for $4.95)

The $5 Cinellis at CWC are all the hideous, splash colours no one wants.

I tried FIZIK but didn’t like the grippy feelling. DEDA is my current favourite. Once you wear it in it’s kind of velvety and lasts better than Cinelli. Cheap if you get it o/s too.

My experience with Fizik has been negative. Deda is good though… who sells this locally?
I need some by the weekend, but I don’t want to go to Brunswick St cycles and be told ‘that’s $44.95 thanks!’


Heh, actually i’m planning on getting the splash ones for my roadie

That place is for masochists ! Get it online. I got mine for $8 with a few other things. Just use something else until it arrives.