Where to buy Conti Gatorskins-Melb

Just looking around for some Conti Gatorskins (700x23)…

Where abouts in Melb stock the cheapest ones that I can pick up…kinda need them asap…

I saw CW has em for $52.95…


If you don’t want brand new I got 5 of assorted conditions (i think one brand new but its 25mm) with plenty of wear left on 3 or 4 of em.

Yeah man I’m keen for sure, thanks heaps! Where and when can I grab one off you, wouldn’t mind a bit of tread left…

ive had one as a front tyre for at least 8months and ive only ever had one flat in that time with it.
great tyres.

They even make them in 28c. Put one on after getting 5 rear flats in 2 weeks going past the old Boggo Rd Gaol construction site. Haven’t had a puncture in the 3 months since.


Raising the question again.
Seems most stores carrying these want $70 to $75 each. I’m after a pair of 700 x 25
Does anyone know of any cheaper than this or have any spares in good nick.

Get the GP4000s w/ black chilli compound though. Tiny bit more but I reckon they’re a lot better. Postage is within a week from PBK.

http://www.ozbikedirect.com.au/product_info.php?products_id=64 for 23c

$46 and 2 to 3 days delivery

saw the ozbike but i really want that bit more width.
checked out probikekit, not sure haw they send to Oz for $10 for any item but looks like a better deal could be hard to get. Cheers all

Support your LBS.

The Aussie dollar going to shit is the reason that they’re up around the $70 mark now. It’s costing the bike shops more to get them in, hence the price rise. That mark-up is what keeps your local open!

in FX news, the $A is buying 50p, and 76 UScents.

while i agree with supporting the LBS, there’s times when i cant justify it. when an LBS wants $195 for a rolls saddle that i can get for $60 landed, someone somewhere is taking the piss. sure, the aussie distributor of said product has raised the price 3 times in the last 2 months cos of the exchange rate, but i dont recall prices going DOWN a heck of a lot when the $A was near parity with the US…

i buy at the LBS when prices are comparable, and i get them to do work that i cant do myself or dont have the tools for. they make more money on labour, and keeps someone in a job. but the distributors of bike stuff need to take a long hard look at themselves and stop taking the piss.

Dam straight.

Agree with 100%

It’s great to support your local, but like you say when the same component costs THREE TIMES MORE locally, it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

What do you reckon guys- a group buy of Continental Gatorskin’s from PBK or Wiggle haha! Maybe we can start our own ‘ebay shop’ haha :mrgreen:

Ive often thaught it wouldnt be a bad idea for LBS to source some of there prodcust through the likes of PBK/Asian Wholesale sites-selling carbon products and the like… just my thaught

it happens… ive heard stories from employees (not in this country) of employers who follow the nashbar sales emails very closely. when your distributor is out of stock and cant give you an ETA for the next shipment, and you know you can call a number/click a few keys and have stock in a similar timeframe and for considerably cheaper (even than your wholesale) it gets tempting for a business owner who is trying to make a sale/customer happy.

of course, if your distro finds out… :x :evil: :x

I get a Rolls for $100 at one of my LBS’s… :wink:

yeh, id seen em for $120 about a month before being quoted $200. i wouldve bought it on the spot for $120. i reckon the stupid price was a combo of the distro marking it up then the shop taking an extra cut. and me not getting mates rates… :cry:

Oh yeah, that price was pre-mates rates as well… hehe.

I picked some up off Probikekit a few weeks back:


$35.18 AUD each plus $9.99 shipping.

Best deal I found anywhere…

Took less than a week to get here from the UK and I got a free packet of Shot bloks :smiley: