Where to buy Shimano Lock Ring Spanner please

Can’t find one on EvilBay…where else do you buy them please?

  1. Highlight this text - shimano chain whip
  2. Pres the Ctrl key and c key on your keyboard at the same time
  3. Open a new browser window
  4. click in the goodle search box
  5. Press the Ctrl and V keys at the same time
  6. Press the Enter key

    Fark Azz…

Any shop should have them mate.

Ok I deserve all that.
Sorry peeps

I’m just happy you gave me an opportunity to post that pic.

i preffer this one.

seems to let ppl know that they have asked something stupid

Let me google that for you

It’s not as funny when the forum spells out what the URL is.

What’s a goodle?

urban dictionary says

  1. Goodle

The term goodle has origins tracing back to the fall of 2000. The term was coined when Hy Goodleman of Phia, PA was commuting to Abrams Hw Academy (located in Y**ly, PA). Henry pleaded with the bus driver, Jon to allow him to evacuate the bus due to he dire need to relieve his bowels. The driver denied his request and coincidently a fowl odor permeited the bus. Upon the arrival Henry fled the bus with fear on his face and grabed fecal matter from his undergarments and dropped it on the floor. He in total embaressmnt exiled himself to the mens room where he received a tray of water and paper towels to tidy himself. The mess was to such a degree it required his mother to bring him a change of clothes. The act of defecating in ones pant became known as a Goodle after Goodleman (last name of subject). This single event destroyed his social life to this day. Henry was heard screaming, “I’ll never get another date again!” He is still tormented till this day, hence the posting on Urban Dictionary.
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“Thats some good dank or someone just goodled!!”