where to buy small wooden crate

Hey guys,
I’m setting up my housemate’s bike with a rear rack and I would like to mount a small wooden crate on the back so that she can chuck groceries or what have you in there. Does anybody know where you can find a small wooden crate, sort of like the old soft drink crates without the silly cost?

This was a while back, but Officeworks were selling small wooden boxes about 40x30x20, and cheap too. I bought a couple for my kids toys. Came with a lid, which you could ditch for an open box.

try your local liqueur store, id assume theyd have left over wine boxes?

…or the gourmet greengrocers with their designer vegies.

This. I got a small wooden crate from a fancy-ish bottle shop.

Where are you located? There’s a fruit n veg place in Knox that has rad little vintage fruit boxes cheap $10 - $20. I’ve got them at my house n use them for everything.

I ended up doing what lokione said re. cratesaw which was a great way to spend the morning, though my back is now sufficiently burnt. I went to a couple of bottlos and they seemed to hear the question a lot. Oh well, I’m pretty happy with my creation!

Pics :slight_smile:

of my back or the crate?

Well done, I find old fence palings are very easy to work with.

crematorium gift shop?