where to buy volume thrasher frames?

where can you buy volume thrasher frames in melbourne?

Saint Cloud can get them for you.

Not sure if they have many left but its cheaper than most places.
Airwalk Fixed Gear: Volume Thrasher again!!
$380.00US + Shipping($100US) = $500.00AUS

If Saint cloud don’t have any in stock. I’m pretty sure erik at gear has one left, can easily send interstate too.

Buy my airwalk instead haha… But seriously

Now the leader site is down. where can i get a mordecai and not pay $250us shipping???

^^ gearbrisbane also has these. and complete thrasher for $1000ish.^^

Quick call now and I’ll answer the phone, It’d be all weird like the internets and real life have merged!!!

My mate is selling one size large $200
get at me